Alcoholism is not a disease that is common only on adults it starts from teenagers.
Alcoholism is not a disease that is common only on adults it starts from teenagers. Unless people realize that and start controlling it from this stage it can grow and one becomes an alcoholic whose health ends up being damaged permanently. The damage may just be a reality that something may have been done and there would be a trail of regret, which is nothing that can assist in making the person well. Let them learn how to stop drinking when a person realizes that the habit is getting out of hand.
When we look at the causes of alcoholism, it is strongly connected to the family background. When you raise a child, one must make sure that they are raised with good morals. Whatever you do around a child they easily notice and want to copy you, at this point they do not know whether it is right or wrong. The action which is bad may continue being done by the child until it becomes as a habit. When you curse in front of a child, they should not be blamed when they curse. Unless a person stops the child and avoids doing that in their presence, it becomes part o f them. The same as drinking, when individual drinks in the presence of a child they are most likely to try and when not stopped it becomes a habit that they cannot control themselves. They may never think of how to stop drinking.
The same children who are not supervised by the parents. they are likely to go into alcoholism. The other people who may influence they are either, their neighbours, peers or people they look up to such as celebrities or relatives. The peers make drinking sound like a cool thing, and if they do not do it, they do not belong. Everyone
wants to feel that they belong, but if they are not confident in themselves and feel they have to seek people’s approval, then they are likely to fall into the temptation of drinking. Once they realize that alcohol is ruining their lives, they are likely to want to know how to stop drinking.
How to stop drinking even for a teenage alcoholic is a trying and at times painful moment, especially when they cannot get what their bodies crave for the most. Moving from a child to a teenager one may go into drinking to prove that they have become adults, and they can handle things now. They have become mature at a stage that they do not want to be told anything. Even if they are influenced by their peers parents may not notice this soon, and it may be too late.
There are parents whom drinking is a culture, and the children tend to do what the parents do. The alcoholism may be hereditary it is just a habit that is learnt. The first stage the drinking can be controlled but as it intake increases it becomes uncontrollable. The habit gets passed to the next generation.
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