Anatomic Therapy The Wonder Cure For All Diseases

Lend us your ears and get cured of all your diseases. Just listen to Sri Baskar(the Healer) talk and follow the simple instructions and experience the miraculous healing. There are no medicines, exercises, acupressure, mudras or physio therapy in this method.
There are no food restrictions and there is no need to avoid any food.

You can eat any thing you like.

Once you undergo this treatment it will last life long. There is no need to take this treatment a second time.

This treatment is not based on any religion, hence every body can take this treatment.
All that you have to do is to listen to Sri Baskar talk. He will be talking for about 4 hours. You have to listen fully. Then the treatment is over.

A few basic concepts are explained below:
1.The contamination of blood is the root cause for all diseases.
2.By cleansing the blood of impurities all diseases can be cured.
3.By regulating the food, drinking water, breathing air, sleep and work or physical activity the blood can be purified.
4.By regulating the food 50% of the diseases can be cured.
5.But only by regulating, drinking water, sleep, physical activity, and breathing air, the permanent cure can be maintained.
6.Learn how to regulate all these things from the DVD produced by Sri Bhaskar.

The above mentioned 5 things represent the five elements

I. Regulating Food – Element – Earth
1.Should pray before you eat.
2.Do not eat when you not hungry
3.The food should contain all the six tastes. Should eat sweet first.
4.Should taste the food well and then swallow. Should eat each taste till you are fully saturated.
5.Should close your mouth and eyes and chew your food well and swallow.
6.Should not drink water 30 minutes before and after food.
7.Should pore some water in the palms and suck it three times before and after food.
8.Food can be taken only 45 minutes after taking bath and should you eat with out taking bath then should bathe only 2½ hours after taking food.
9.Should wash your hands feet and face before taking food.
10. Should not watch T.V while eating.
11. Should not talk while eating.
12. Should not let the feet hang while eating.
13. The mother should not eat with her children.
14. Should not read book while eating.
15. Should stop eating immediately on your first belching.
16. Diabetic patients can eat sweets immediately after treatment.

II. Regulating Drinking of Water – Element – Water
1.Should not boil drinking water.
2.If you feel thirsty should drink sufficient amount of water.
3.Should not drink mineral water.
4.Should not filter the drinking water.
5.Drinking Water should be stored in mud pot for 2 hours before using.
6.Should not drink water unless you are thirsty.
7.Should drink water immediately after passing urine.
8.Should not pore water in your mouth, you should sip your water.

III. Regulating Sleep – Element – Ether – sky
1.Your head should not face north while sleeping.
2.Should not drink tea or coffee.
3.Should not sleep on the floor.
4.Those engaged in physical work should sleep for 6 hours.
5.Those engaged in brain work should take rest for 6 hours.
6.Should know the difference between sleep and rest.
7.Can get a sound sleep if you brush your teeth before going to bed.
8.If you caress under the chin you will get a good sleep.
9.If you massage your head between your crown and back of your head you would get sound sleep.

IV. Regulating Breathing Air – Element – Air
1.Should not use mosquito coils.
2.There should be air circulation in the house, office, factory and bedroom.
3.Should not close the windows while sleeping.
4.If necessary use mosquito net to escape from mosquito bite.

V. Physical Work – Element – Fire
1.Should eat only when you are hungry.
2.Air Conditioner must be set at 37degree C only.
3.The quantity of food should be commensurate with the amount of physical activity of the person.
4.All the joints should be moved daily.
5.Heart will pump he blood and circulate it. But the waste water can be sent out only by physical work.
6.The waste water circulation will not be proper for those who do not engage in sufficient physical activity.
Anatomic Therapy


Acne and pimples are common skin problems among youngsters. It is advised to drink lots of water and at least 60 ml of Goji Berry Juice to give the skin necessary nutrients for its maintenance.