Building Muscle - 3 Simple Steps to Reveal Your Abs

You have worked really hard on your abs. You have specifically been building those muscles to get yourself a killer six pack. But you still cannot see the results of all your effort!
We all know that the hardest part of building muscle is contained in all the graft. In all the dedicated weight lifting and targeted exercises to get those muscles honed and buff. You have been diligent and concentrated on those ab developing crunches, leg lifts and trunk twists.
So it is really soul-destroying to discover that despite everything, you still cannot see a six-pack. The washboard stomach you know is in there is just not visible. You need it to be revealed to the doubting friends and nay-sayers.
The reason is, of course, dead obvious. You simply have too much fat between those killer abs and your skin. But you already know that. You already know that to reveal the six-pack, you need to burn the fat layer. Why don’t those targeted exercises and that cardio workout solve your problem?
Well, you need to understand a couple of physical truths that you are missing here.
1. Abdominal muscles are stabilizers for the spine. They are not designed for power production. The structure of these muscles is not the same as for the power-producing muscles of the body and their energy needs are not great as a consequence. 2. Power-producing muscles are stronger and require more energy from your body. This
means they burn fat when exercised. 3. To burn the fat covering your abs, you need to work the power muscles groups.
So you do not need to directly work the abs to get rid of the fat covering them. You do need to blitz the fat-burning, energy-guzzling major power muscle groups. Your legs, your buttocks and your middle back muscles need to be targeted here.
Heavy weight training will leave these muscles needing loads of energy to repair themselves and recover. The store of energy you have in your body will be needed for this job. Your body does not quibble about where it gets the fat stores from. If you typically store fat around your middle and across your stomach, that’s where it will be taken from – revealing your lovingly-developed abs in the process! Hey presto! Your six-pack!
Of course, it goes without saying you also need to concentrate on your cardio workout to deplete your energy reserves. Also, concentrate on your eating regime. Ensure your food intake is of the correct amount and nutrition to encourage your body to burn its fat stores. If you eat less energy supplying food than you need for your exercise depletion, your body will take what it requires out of your fat deposits.
In conclusion, if you feel you’ve done the training required for a six-pack but still cannot see the results you need to follow these 3 simple steps: 1. Hit the major power muscles in legs, buttocks and middle back with heavy weights. 2. Include good cardio interval training. 3. Watch your diet and nutrition for optimum fat burning.
You will find you can shave that layer of fat currently disguising your washboard abs and reveal your hard work to the world!
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Building Muscle - 3 Simple Steps to Reveal Your Abs by JACKY MOLE