Green Lipped Mussel Omega-3 Anti-Inflammatory Supplement

The green lipped mussel has strong anti-inflammatory characteristics that are important for eliminating and inhibiting inflammation, which is important for our long term health, along with the immediate treatment for joint disorders and arthritis. Along with these important benefits, the supplements include a wide range of nutrients that provide many other health benefits.
To begin with, the green lipped mussel omega-3 anti-inflammatory is a natural inflammation remedy, which will allow the supplement to be taken without concern for the same kind of side effects that the anti-inflammatory drugs have.
The anti-inflammatory properties found in the mussels come from omega-3 DHA for removing inflammation, along with omega-3 ETA as a COX-2 inhibitor to help keep the COX enzyme from continuing to develop more inflammation after getting rid of it. This makes the green lipped mussel anti-inflammatory supplement one of the most effective nutritional supplements available for inflammation control and related pain relief, and for treating problem joint conditions and arthritis. But besides the omega-3 for inflammation reduction and inhibition, the green lipped mussel includes other important nutrients that increase the supplement's effectiveness and benefits for other aspects of our health; these include:
• nutritional benefits from one of the most complete 'whole foods' known
• joint repair • care of the skin, teeth, and bones • care of the circulatory, immune, and nervous system • increased fertility The nutrients responsible for all of these additional benefits come from glycosaminoglycan compounds, and a very unique group of complex carbohydrates called mucopolysaccharides.
The glycosaminoglycans are chondroitin and glucosamine, which combine with the anti-inflammatories to directly treat affected joints. This is done by providing important joint lubricating fluids and cushioning, along with working to replace and repair damaged cartilage and connective tissues. This combination of the omega-3 anti-inflammatory with the glycosaminoglycans for direct joint treatment is very important – because either one of these alone is not able to give the same effectiveness.
The mucopolysaccharides found in the supplements may eventually be seen as the most important nutrient found in the green lipped mussel for long-term health. They were originally identified by a pharmaceutical chemist and researcher from the University of Southern California, where he determined that these compounds were found to be significant for the role they play for metabolism, growth, and even the aging process.
They have been coined 'The Glue Of Life', and may be so important that they will become viewed as 'essential carbohydrates', similarly to the way that omega-3 is an 'essential fatty acid' - and it was further found that the green lipped mussel is possibly the best mucopolysaccharides nutritional source.
So, the green lipped mussel anti-inflammatory supplement is very beneficial for controlling inflammation and treating joint problems. And they also include additional nutritional benefits for other aspects of our overall health.
Omega-3 anti-inflammatory supplements are natural inflammation remedies that can be taken to eliminate chronic inflammation and the related health risks, along with an ability to treat joint conditions and arthritis – the green lipped mussel anti-inflammatory supplement is especially beneficial for joint problem treatment.
Mussel Omega-3 food Supplement


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