For us woman, we have been dreaming of the day when we will no longer have to shave or undergo the painful and time consuming procedure of waxing, especially on sensitive areas.Most of us spend a lot of money on razors, waxes and epilating creams, and undoubtedly more on depilation at private clinics. Nowadays, our trouble is over. The introduction of the new method of removing unwanted hair is at our door. We can now use the revolutionary laser hair removal technique to get rid of the undesired hairs. Laser Hair Removal is the fastest, safest and most comfortable way to remove unwanted hair. If you have unwanted hair anywhere on your body, laser hair removal is by far the best solution available to you. The advanced technology of today has been perfected over many years, producing the quickest, cheapest, most effective treatment you’ll find. And it doesn’t hurt that much either either with the advanced GentleLase System! We know that you will love the speed and the superb results that Skinovate’s Alexandrite Laser system hair removal delivers. Skinovate uses Alexandrite Lasers because they deliver far superior results for hair removal than cheaper IPL machines commonly found elsewhere.
The benefits of laser hair removal Even though waxing is still a very common method of removing hairs, laser hair removal is gaining in popularity as a result of the guaranteed permanent results.According to hair removal specialists, women from the age of sixteen to sixty-five are among regular clients whose favourite areas to be treated are the face, private areas, underarms, and back. Laser hair removal is less painful than waxing, plucking and electrolysis.In addition, in the best cases it can be permanent, and even after just one treatment a hugedecrease in the amount of hair growing back have been observed. Laser Hair Removal is quite expensive and on session can cost up to five hundred Australia dollars to treat one area like the underarms or bikini line. The treatment should be done in several sessions to achieve the best result. The reason behind this is because only actively growing hair follicles are destroyed by the laser, and not all hair will be simultaneously in the growing phase. Laser hair removaltreatment used to be suitable for only a minority of people. Dark skinned people could not be treated at all. The new revolutionary laser hair removal technique have make the impossible possible. However, some hair like light coloured, red or grey hair cannot be removed by laser. The side effects of laser hair removal are rare and generally not permanent. The complications can range from pain, swelling and redness to blistering. This is why it is wise to spend some time researching a certified laser hair removal clinic. One should be mindful that the person performing the treatment is usually not a dermatologist, and may have limited medical qualifications.Therefore, it is advisable not look for the cheapest option. It is better to listen to word of mouth as it can often prove to be a valuable help in finding a centre that meets your needs.
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