Five Small Tips Let You Eat More Nutrition

People every day cannot live without vegetables. But oftentimes, because of people’s improper cooking and preservation methods, it will lead to loss of nutrients in the consumption of vegetables. In order to get nutrients as much as possible, we need to understand the scientific food preservation and cooking methods.
Do not store vegetables for a long time
People often but fresh vegetables and store them at home. If they do not eat in time, the vegetables will slowly lose some nutrients over time. For example, being placed for one day under the circumstance of 20 ° C, the loss of vitamin C will be up to 84%. The correct preservation method is to put vegetables in the dark, ventilated and dry place to store.
Wash vegetables first and then cut
The study found that when washing and cutting vegetables, if you cut the vegetables before washing them, a lot of nutrients will be lost into the water. As a result, in order to save as many nutrients as possible, you should cultivate the good habit of washing vegetables before cutting.
Keep the parts of vegetables that you often neglect
In daily life, people often have already dropped off the most nutritious parts before cooking. This is really a pity. Take bean sprouts as an
example, some people tend to eat the bean sprouts above while abandon the beans. In fact, the vitamin C in the beans is 2 to 3 times more than bean sprouts; the similar being ignored includes celery leaves, leaf lettuce, turnip greens and eggplant peel, melon skin.
Use a big fire when cooking
The study found that vitamin C and vitamin B, and so sensitive to heat, afraid to cook. However, according to the determination of salty fried foods, vegetables, vitamin C lost only 17% if the fried and then simmered, the Tulare vitamin C loss of 59%, so the cooking to use the fire, so that speculation out of food, not only the color delicious good, and less loss of nutrients in the dish. Again, add a little vinegar in the cooking, but also conducive to the preservation of vitamin C. Also, like cucumbers, tomatoes, these vegetables, and the best salad to eat.
The dishes should be eaten immediately after cooking
Some people like to cook in advance in order to save time, and put the dishes in a pot to keep temperature, so that they can wait other family members to eat or eat for next meal. In fact, in the process of being heated, the vitamin B1 in vegetables can lose 25%.


Five Small Tips Let You Eat More Nutrition by ELIZABETH EMMA
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