Top Beauty Secrets for Bride - Wedding Day Bridal Beauty and fashion Tips

It certainly needs no exclusive mention that everybody would like to have the best of the best appearances on their wedding day. It’s a big day in your life and you definitely deserve to grab all the attention of the gathering. Wedding preparations begin well in advance in order to make it the most beautiful and memorable time. One of its pre-requisites is to give ample time to the bride to reap benefits on the D-Day. Things like taking care of your skin, hair and body are completely inevitable. So, to make your skin smooth and glowing, we bring some beauty secrets for all the brides.
Cleanse your face
Cleanse your face regularly by applying natural home-made paste of curd, turmeric powder (haldi) , honey, milk, gram flour (besan) and lime juice. This will make your skin soft and clean. Make sure you apply the paste after washing your face with a gentle face wash. You can even apply sandalwood paste on your face. It works as a great remedy for improving complexion and make your shine and skin wrinkle-free.
Oiling is must for healthy hair
Oiling is the best way to increase hair volume and strength. Do it twice a week for at least 15 minutes prior to bath. Applying egg’s yolk with honey can make your hair look lustrous and bouncy as well. Yolk also acts as good hair conditioner. So, follow this every alternate weekend.
Nutrition Quotient 

Eating healthy food is a way to get healthy skin. Make a list of your nutrition chart involving juices and fruits at the top, followed by green vegetables and milk products. Orange juice attributes the skin with an added glow. Avoid eating crash food from at least 2 months before the marriage. Another important piece of advice is not to eat in a single go, make sure to eat in small portions. Eat sagely, as it helps in digestion and maintaining your metabolism.
Stay Fit and healthy
If going to a gym/yoga class regularly is a big task for you, then you can start with a simple brisk walk daily. Walk for at least 10 minutes a day and make it your routine. This way you’ll remain active and healthy too.
Consult Doctor
If you are facing any chronic skin problems then it is suggested to consult a doctor at first place before going to a beautician. Don’t apply any cosmetic on your face before consulting a doctor as it may result into scars or pimples.
Any planning to wear Cosmetic lenses
Well, if you are planning to wear cosmetic lenses on your D- day, then suggestions should be followed~ before wearing them on your wedding, try to practice wearing them on and over. Avoid redness of the eye and continuous watering, which basically caused due to constant wearing of the lenses.
Keep Your Skin Hydrated
wedding health fitness tips
Hydration is an essential element for the brides-to-be. Drinking lot of water keeps your skin moist and reaps great effects in making your skin healthy. Water also helps in reducing the body weight, flushing out the cellulite and improving digestion. So, always keep a water bottle beside you.
So, when are you planning to follow this beauty chart?

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Top Beauty Secrets for Bride - Wedding Day Bridal Beauty and fashion Tips by PURNA GANGULY