What Is Cancer? How to Control Cancer

Cancer is a class of diseases characterized by out-of-control cell growth. There are over 100 types of cancer, and each is classified based on the type of cells that initially affected.
Detrimental to the body when cancer cells divide uncontrollably broken to form a lump or mass of tissue called a tumor (except where prohibited leukemia cancer cell division to apply the normal blood flow abnormalities in the blood).
Tumors can grow and interfere with the digestive, nervous, and circulatory system, and can release hormones that change the function of their bodies.
Tumors that stay in one place and showed limited growth are generally considered benign.
More dangerous, or malignant, tumors formed when two things happen:
1. Cancer cells managed to move the entire body using the blood or lymph system, destroying healthy tissue in a process called invasion 2. Tues manage to share and grow, creating new blood vessels to feed themselves in a process called angiogenesis.
When the tumor had spread to other parts of the body and grow, invade and destroy healthy tissue, is said to have spread. This process is called metastasis, and the result is a serious condition that is very difficult to treat.
In 2007, cancer claimed the lives of about 7.6 million people around the world. Doctors and researchers specializing in research, diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of cancer, known as oncologists. What causes cancer?
Cancer in the end result of the cells to grow uncontrollably and not die. Normal cells in the body follows the path of orderly growth, division died, and.
Registered enough cell death called apoptosis, and when this process is broken, the cancer begins to form. Unlike normal cells, cancer cells do not die and instead experience the program continues to grow and divide. This causes the mass of abnormal cells that grow out of control.
Cells can experience uncontrolled growth if DNA damage or mutation, and because damage to the genes involved in cell division.
There are four main types of genes responsible for cell division process: broth know when some cells, tumor suppressor genes tell cells when there is a number, suicide genes control apoptosis and cell killing tell yourself if something goes wrong, and DNA- gene repair damaged cells repair DNA directly.
Cancer occurs when cell gene mutation makes cells unable to repair DNA damage and capable of making a suicide.
Similarly, cancer is the result of a mutation that prevents the function of ontogenesis and tumor suppressor genes, leading to uncontrolled cell growth
Cancer can be the result of a genetic predisposition that is inherited from family members. It is possible to be born with certain genetic mutations or a fault in a gene that makes
What Is Cancer? How to Control Cancer