Beauty Is Not Biased

There is a very good saying about beauty that beauty is something which is adored by every heart. There is a very warm place in every ones heart for beauty. People like to meet beauty, to be around beauty. When right now you are reading this article, you must have created a complete beauty in front of your eye and it is for sure that it would of a female. But a question arises here that is beauty all about female member of the society. Well it is not; because as you read earlier that beauty is not biased. Beauty has not made any sort of division in between boys and girl that only the female member of the society has a right to look beautiful. Well its beauty which even allow the boy to look beautiful. 
Skin Care
In present day we can see that it’s more of boys who are conscious about beauty and flawless perfect skin then the girls. Girls are always in news for their charm and beauty but in recent time the male member of the society has not left any stone unturned in respect of beauty. There are various salons which are opening in the market with really big labels and brands which speak out the proof of this. There are unisex salons as well as male oriented salons which treats pressurize all the needs and desires of a male’s beauty.
There are some beauty tips for men which we even have to point and they are the natural beauty tips.
• Cleanse and moisturize your face daily.
• Use a face scrub at least twice a week, to exfoliate the skin off dead skin cells.
• Always use a sun protection lotion or a sunscreen when moving about in the sun.
• Try to take care of your gray hair.
• Use a lip balm with SPF for protecting lips.
• Exercise regularly to enhance your beauty.
Hair being the most important feature of the personality needs special care and enhancement. It enhances the looks and healthy hair is a wish of everyone. But most of the people do not know how
to get healthy hair naturally or they may not aware of the power of natural remedies, which helps to build a strong and healthy hair. Here are the most beneficial home tips for healthy hair:
• Apply castor oil for a healthy growth of hair.
• Wash hair with tea once in a week.
• Apply besan in the hair and wash it with water drained from the cooked rice.
• Apply a mixture of gooseberries and milk.
• Apply the mixture of an egg white, 2 spoons of castor oil, 1 spoon glycerin.
• Massage hair with warm coconut oil an hour before washing.
• Do a 'steam-towel-wrap' once in a while.
• Apply boiled coconut oil with the juices of curry leaves, basil, hibiscus flower and gooseberry.

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Beauty Is Not Biased by RAJESH BMD