Famous People with Autism

Famous People with Autism

Author: Danny Burle

Daryl Hannah
Did you realize that autism affects approximately 6 out of every 1000 people? Those numbers are actually staggering when you think about how much they have increased in the past several years. Even though autism can leave a person unable to deal with life at all, some people have a form of autism that allows them to live a life that is fairly normal. In fact, there are plenty of famous people with autism that you may not have ever realized had the disease.

One of the most famous people with autism, by today's standards, is Daryl Hannah. She is an actress in America that has played some very high profile roles in movies throughout her life. Some of these movies have included Blade Runner, Kill Bill and Splash. She was diagnosed as a child as having autism, or more specifically being borderline autistic and has been able to develop to the point where she can function in society quite regularly.

Also on the list of famous people with autism are many individuals that you may not recognize. They include names such as Christopher Knowles, Katherine McCarran, Sue Rubin and Robert Gango. These individuals all have different levels of autism and range in their abilities from actors and actresses to authors and high school basketball players. Some of them have even played autistic individuals in movies, even when they had no oral skills whatsoever.

It is also interesting to note that some of the famous people with autism actually are quite revered for their intellect. An individual who was not only an author and a poet but also revered as a philosopher was Tito Mukhopadhyay. It is true that some individuals with autism have a unique ability to be able to see through and recognize certain things that others may not recognize because they are obvious.

There are other names on the list of famous people with autism, many of them that you would never even recognize had a problem with the disease. It gives many of us hope that someday our own loved ones may be able to overcome their problems and live normal or even high-achiever life styles.

Becoming famous and successful despite having autism is extremely difficult and these exceptional individuals should be honored and looked to for inspiration. However, for everyone who has become famous there are hundreds, if not thousands, of others who have overcome autism and achieved personal success in their lives without most of us having ever heard of them. These people should be applauded as well.
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