Top 3 Remedies for Sweat Protection When Deodorant Doesn't Work

Oftentimes, when you suffer from excessive sweating or Hyperhidrosis, the first line of defense, deodorant does not provide adequate sweat protection. I work as a medical Biller by trade, and I remember one day in particular when my manager came over to my desk to train me on how to post payments to their new system. The first thing I noticed about her was that she looked slightly uncomfortable, but seeing that it was my first week, I felt a bit nervous as well. As she sat down and began explaining to me the new system, I could smell the stench of underarm body odor. The sub shop had moved into my cubicle, and I began thinking to myself, "Thank God, I am not the only woman who sweats!" She tried her best to keep her arms at her sides, making me clearly aware that her lack of sweat protection was making her really self-conscious. Nevertheless, deodorant has become a normal part of hygiene for most men and women living in the United States of America. However, for me and many others who suffer from Hyperhidrosis, deodorant does not last, and most of them do not work. So, in the invent that deodorant does not work; here are the top 3 remedies you can use for sweat protection.
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 1. Meditation
Meditation can be very calming to the mind, and those who become experts at meditation have been known to transcend time, and even death! But, in our case, we just want to use meditation to control anxiety. Anxiety is a huge factor in Hyperhidrosis, since that is the main trigger for a lot of folks. Just imagine, the thought of hoping you don't sweat is creating anxiety and causing your body to overreact and sweat profusely. Learning how to meditate allows you through breathing exercises, affirmations, and relaxation to control your emotions, namely anxiety.

2. Sage Tea Sage tea when used internally or externally acts as an astringent. An astringent acts to remove oils and moisture from the body, thus making it very useful when treating excessive sweating. Drinking sage tea at night has proven to reduce overall sweating by as much as 50%. Also, the tea acts to neutralize many of the toxins that cause pungent body odor.
3. Underarm Sweat Shields
A personal favorite of mine that I refer to as the second line of defense, is the underarm sweat guard or garment guard. These are simply multilayered cotton pads with a strap. You slide them up your arm and the cotton absorbs all of the sweat, so you don't have to worry about body odor or sweat stains, while you are out. Underarm sweat shields does not prevent your body from sweating, but they make sure that no one besides you know that you suffer from Hyperhidrosis.The biggest benefit that comes from sweat shields is the ability to make the mind forget that you even have a sweating problem.Hyperhidrosis is a dis-ease that many people suffer from

everyday, but you don't have to suffer. You no longer have to worry about if someone smells your odor, or if someone sees your underarm sweat stains. Now, you can use any of the remedies above to cut down on your sweating.Number one and number two may work, because let's be honest sometimes home remedies work and sometimes they don't. But number three is guaranteed to work, underarm sweat shields is to a person with Hyperhidrosis as a blood glucose machine to a diabetic. Once you develop the need for it, you will see that it finds your way into your everyday life. Try Underarm Sweat Shields today, buy TWO packs and get one pair free!!
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Top 3 Remedies for Sweat Protection When Deodorant Doesn't Work by ROCK JONSON


Thanks for the post. I was very informative, but I feel the need to stay natural and use my salt soaps and not wear deoderent of any kind. Plus, it is a great turn on to my hubby as he loves the natural scents of my body.
Hugs and Kisses and look forward to reading more of your postings
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