Top ten tips for fast weight loss

We can read all the information there is out there on losing weight fast but it is the small changes which need to be made which will have the biggest impact. These are small changes but many of them need to be a permanent lifestyle change and part of your everyday routine. I have put together a top ten list to get started which will give you a confidence boost and help you realise that many of what you need to do to lose weight fast is well within your grasp. 

1. Keep hydrated. This is massively important and must be achieved by drinking plenty of water to keep your physiological functions at their best. Keeping fully hydrated and not responding to your thirst instinct will help you feel fitter and healthier and it contains no calories.
2. Water upon waking. As soon as you rise out of bed you need to drink a glass of water to give your body the needed water to begin its waking functions. It will help your body produce digestive juices upon eating your breakfast and will help you feel hydrated.
3. Water before your meal. Water before a meal will help you feel fuller before you eat your meal meaning you will not need to eat as much to feel full, and it is a good thing to have in your body.
4. Water with your meal is O.K. Drinking water with your meal is again helping to make you feel full and is a great thing to do when wanting to lose weight fast. You need to sip the water throughout your meal, not gulping it all down, this will also help your food settle better and then you will experience greater satiety.
5. No sugar laden drinks. You have to avoid these things like the plague! All these sugar sweetened drinks are loaded with processed sugars which are your enemy if you want to lose weight fast. Even avoid the diet ones due to some sweeteners such as aspartame
causing adverse side effects.
6. Eat lots of water containing foods. Eating food with water in such as tomatoes and cucumbers will again help you to feel fuller whilst you are getting quality nutrients.
7. Plenty of fresh fruit. Eating fresh fruit is a great way to get some extra water but also quality nutrients and is a much better alternative than drinking fruit juices as the fruit pieces contain fibre, which will help you feel fuller for longer and aids digestion.
8. Fresh fruit Vs. processed fruit. Processed tinned fruit have had their skin removed and lots of sugar added to preserve them so avoid eating tinned fruit instead of fresh wholesome fruit.
9. Fibre will fill you up. The body needs lots of fibre to aid digestion and keep your food moving, but fibre also fills you up for longer controlling those hunger pangs and cravings which come from food leaving digestion too quickly.
10. Eat as much veg as you want. Vegetables are an amazing source of vitamins, minerals and fibre making many of them super foods for fast weight loss. Choose a variety of different colours ensuring you have some with every meal and snacks throughout the day.

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