Why should you remove make up... and how?

Make up doesn’t go away by itself, unless you clean it. You must be aware of the fact that make-ups leave numerous damaging effects on our skin. Do you know our skin breathes and to stay healthy it produces oil and sheds its cells? Just about all the makeups are supposed to last on the facial skin for all day long and that is, of course, not a good thing! Obviously, if your makeup is going to stay on our skin for 24 hours, it will surely make your skin grimed. Make up is going to cause severe acne and wrinkle problems by clogging the tiny excreting pores present on your skin. This will also take away the healthy glow of your skin.
It is recommended that you start with your eyes whenever you plan to remove your make up. Eye makeup removers are normally oily, so if you wear contact lens, do not forget to take them out before starting. It is better to start applying cosmetic products on your eyes first, so that you can make sure to get it off within no time as you take off the make up from the rest of your face. Use gentle hands while removing make up from that area. Isn’t that amazing, although it is the most delicate and sensitive skin of our body, we apply the hardest to remove make up on that skin? Obviously, if you are going to put that resilient make up, you will be requiring special products to make sure it wipes your skin clean. Mineral and baby oils are good enough to take away almost all the make ups... including eyes enhancing mascara, which is a waterproof product. You can soak cotton pads or cotton balls soaked in any of these oils to remove your make up. After cleaning your skin, wash it gently with the help of soap and warm water. You can also use olive oil to slacken off this water proof eye application. Just have a few drops of olive oil on your hand, and apply it gently with the help of your fingertips. Make sure, you don’t rub your eyes too much and that the oil doesn’t get in your eyes. After that, you can wash your eyes thoroughly. Before you start with your face now, I’ll want you to wash your hands first. That’s pretty normal; our hands are usually dirtier than our faces. Cleaning your face with dirty hands is like applying more dirt and germs on the skin. Do you think this is going to be productive? I hope you do not. So, it is recommended that you wash your hands first. Besides, you can also use make up remover wipes to make things easy for you. Washing your facial skin with milk is good... but you need to make sure that your skin is relatively clearer and dry. This will soften your skin and work like a good moisturizer. I’ll not recommend that you wash your skin with milk if you have acne problem. However, if you use it, make sure you clean it good. It’s a good practice to remove your make up every night. I recommend that you use makeup remover wipes so that you can do that with any hassle.
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