What to Do to Stop Bad Habits-Biting of Fingernails

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Habit is something we do consistently, it is done over and over, again and again, when it is formed it is difficult to leave easily whether good or bad; it therefore takes time to stop such habit. It takes longer time to stop a habit than to form it. A habit formed you don't have control over it; you are doing it continually without realizing that you doing something. When addicted to it, it becomes part of your life that without it you are not complete.
I have a friend who was married to a very beautiful wife with 3 children, but formed a very ugly habit of raping anybody on skirt (female) whether cripple, blind, ugly or not. So I confronted him one day in a chat about his bad habit, he said he needs prayers, because once he set his eyes on any female his sexual urge always arouse beyond his control and that has been since his youth and that he gain pleasure raping ladies. There are some bad habits formed from childhood that are very difficult to leave like biting finger even in the public place, sucking tongue and others like smoking, drunkenness, Drug addiction, uncontrollable loud laughter in the public. Then how can we prevent/control such habit? you can prevent it by doing the following:
  • You must identify and admit the bad habit.
  • You must been determine that you want to quit the habit.
  • Erase it from your mind first and engage you mind with something that always interest you wherever you are tempted to indulge in the bad habit or else it will not work.
  • You must be patient with yourself while trying to quit such bad habit because it would be gradual.
  • You will need behavioral modifications
  • Put on a habit that works against such bad habit.
  • Confide in someone close to you that could be of help when you are in it gain
  • Try to starve the bad habit and encourage the good habit that you want.
In this article we shall be treating bad habit of biting fingernails in the public in specific ways, this habit is common to both young and old putting their fingers in the mouth even while in the public, how do you overcome this habit? We can stop it in doing aforementioned tips:
  1. Try to look at your already bitten finger nails and visualize how beautiful it would look without it bitten and take strong decision to put a stop to it. Visualize yourself with strong, healthy nails, and how great they will look. It may help to get a manicure as you start off your nail biting-free days, so that you actually have great nails to look at.
  1. While trying to avoid finger biting habit, always try to be chewing something to keep your mouth busy. Chewing gum helps focus your mouth on something other than your nails.

  2. Always get your finger nails cut to avoid been tempted in putting it in your mouth in the public.
  1. One of the ways of breaking the nail biting habit is by placing either something spicy or bad tasting on one's nails.
  1. Find a habit to take the place of nail biting. Whenever you have the urge to bite, do that instead. Some people like to drum their fingers, twiddle their thumbs, clasp their hands, put their hands in their pockets, or just stare at their hands. Just make sure it's not a bad habit; choose a helpful one or one that doesn't really matter either way.
  1. Another way of stopping it is always rub your finger nails with bitter leaf so that any attempt of putting your finger in your mouth, you be irritated by its bitterness and by so doing gradually you will stop it. Alternatively try NO BITE polish on your nails; because of its disgusting taste it will prevent you from wanting to bite your nails.
  2. Biting of Fingernails
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