Yoga for Kids

Yoga for Kids offers private Yoga Therapy to infants, children and teens with special needs and professional development workshops for adults which qualify as Continuing Education Units (CEUs) through Yoga Alliance. Yoga is an ancient science and philosophy that has been practiced for thousands of years.The popularity of Childrens’ Yoga is increasing. It can be found in after school and lunch time programs, special education classes, pre-schools, daycares, yoga centers and dance studios. Yoga for kids combines dynamic movements, postures, breathing exercises and meditations of Kundalini yoga and Hatha yoga into an integrated and holistic program of physical fitness, education and social and self-awareness. Fitness for Kids. With yoga, your child can bring the world inside to life and let his or her imagination free to come out. The easy poses of Yogasanas and easy-to-follow instruction of Yogic  Techniques can increase your child's concentration with a sense of playfulness, freedom and imagination.
There is always a complaint that the child / students dose not understand what is taught to them. So we try different methods of teaching and apply all the techniques possible to improve the teaching process. But practically, every kid / student understands as per his capacity and grasp. The ability to teach and the ability to learn / understand, both are two different issues. But when the understanding capacity of a student increases, it indirectly means that there is improvement in the way of teaching. Hence we should try to improve the memory, concentration and understanding capacity of every kid / student. It is not sufficient by improving the teaching techniques. We need to make efforts to improve the child's memory and concentration.
Yoga, adapted for pre-school children, develops body awareness, language, good listening skills, cooperation and powers of observation. It teaches pre-school children about nature, their environment and inspires their imaginations. It prepares them for breathing techniques used in yoga. They learn by playing, singing,
moving and imitating. This is an ideal time for children to begin a yoga practice. Yoga has great benefits for growing children and it is a lots of fun. At yoga classes for kids, children learn to stretch, breathe deeply, relax and concentrate and they teach children's yoga for peace, health, literacy and FUN. Yoga develops correct posture, body awareness and self-confidence and helps children to become more calm.
Yoga is a powerful technique for children to begin moving their bodies in ways that feel good and help them look good. Even if your child is of normal weight, yoga can help her become stronger, gain endurance and flexibility.

Yoga with school aged children balances quiet and active poses with game playing, singing, storytelling, drawing, simple breath meditations and rest.
ABC Yoga for Kids
Children can easily follow the teacher’s instructions by learning the names of different body parts, their locations and function. As children learn the names of the postures and movements they develop a yoga vocabulary.


Interesting article. Thanks for letting me know about it via ...incidentally we did an interview on our site about breath awareness and the guest talked about how to teach kids this important tool. Find the interview @:

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Love this idea of the ABC's for kids. I am 200-hr certified and want to make sure when I have children that I can share with them. Great ideas and thank you for sharing.