Why take pills if you can eat these 11 everyday foods that can help cure most common illnesses?

See what kind of foods you can eat to cure these illnesses:

The Solution: Tart cherries—one cup, or two glasses of juice, daily, before and during exercise
The Science: Contains the same anti-inflammatory enzymes as ibuprofen, without the potential kidney and stomach-related side effects.

The Solution: Sunflower seeds—a quarter cup daily
The Science: These vitamin E-loaded seeds will protect the neurons in your brain from oxidative stress, which means you keep your memory longer.

The Solution: Apples—one daily
The Science: Leave the peel on—it’s full of ursolic acid, which fuels the production of insulin-like growth factor-1 (IGF1) and insulin, two hormones important in building muscle.

The Solution: Eggs—one daily
The Science: Eggs are packed with choline, a nutrient that boosts the brain’s ability to relay commands to the rest of your body while also maintaining the structure of your brain’s cell membranes.

The Solution: Oranges—one daily, or six ounces of juice
The Science: Vitamin C helps your body make collagen, the protein that keeps skin elastic.

The Solution: Brown rice—one cup of cooked rice daily
The Science: Carbs help regulate the production of serotonin, a key neurotransmitter in controlling mood and suppressing anxiety. A complex carb like brown rice will give you the best high-carb-low-cal combo.

The Solution: Chicken—four ounces daily
The Science: Tryptophan is often associated with turkey, but chicken contains more of the amino acid that helps the body produce the sleep-friendly hormone.

The Solution: Green tea—one cup daily, after a meal
The Science: The puffiness that creates dark circles under your eyes is often caused by fluid retention. Green tea is a diuretic that’ll reduce unwanted swelling all over your body.

The Solution: Peppermints—one or two after dinner
The Science: Peppermint has long been associated with aiding digestion and has also been shown to soothe inflammatory pain in the gastrointestinal tract. Peppermint tea also works.

The Solution: Bananas—one daily
The Science: The potassium-packed fruit is also a great source of magnesium, a key element in producing and storing energy.

The Solution: Peanuts—a quarter cup daily
The Science: If you’re not producing enough gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA), your brain is more prone to let anxiety run wild. Peanuts are one of the best (and tastiest) sources of
glutamine, the amino acid needed to make GABA

Health Benefits of Pomegranate and Pomegranate Juice: The Top Ten

1. Antioxidants – These help to wrangle the hoards of free radicals in your system. Free radicals have an uneven number of electrons and like to balance themselves out by stealing from other molecules and cells in your body. These cells are oftentimes very important ones dealing with your DNA, and when they are destroyed, disease steps in. Pomegranate juice is an excellent source of antioxidants that work to help you stay disease-free.

2. Blood Thinner – Pomegranate juice helps your blood circulation, making it easier for blood to travel to your heart, brain, and the rest of your body.

3. Cancer Fighter – Pomegranate has been known to reduce and prohibit the growth of cancer cells and tumors in your body.

4. Digestion Aide – Pomegranate juice is a natural remedy for diarrhea, dysentery, and great number of other digestive problems.

5. Anemia Relief – With a high content of iron, pomegranate juice is a great home cure for anemia because it promotes higher levels of hemoglobin.

6. Anti-Inflammatory – Pomegranate juice has properties that help treat sufferers of arthritis. It can also help cure a cough or sore throat.

7. Neonatal Care – It has been proven that pomegranate juice ingested by pregnant women can help protect the neonatal brain.

8. Artery Protection – It helps keep plaque from building up in your arteries.

9. Cartilage Protection – It works to prevent the deterioration of cartilage in your body.

10. Cholesterol Reducer – Pomegranate juice is capable of lowering blood pressure by as much as 6% in daily drinkers.

Pomegranate Juice


Ginger a common spice in India kitchens can manage high levels of blood sugar which create complications for long-term diabetic patients, a new study has claimed.
Research from the University of Sydney found that ginger has the power to control blood glucose by using muscle cells.

"Ginger extracts obtained from Buderim Ginger were able to increase the uptake of glucose into muscle cells independently of insulin,"Professor of pharmaceutical chemistry Basil Roufogalis who led the research said in a statement.
Courtesy:Deccan Chronicle


10 Reasons Why You Should Drink Warm Lemon Water in the Morning.

Instead of getting a cup of coffee, why not replace it with a warm water lemon drink!? Below are the good factors to consider.
1. Boosts your immune system: Lemons are high in vitamin C, which is great for fighting colds. They’re high in potassium, which stimulates brain and nerve function. Potassium also helps control blood pressure.
2. Balances pH: Drink lemon water everyday and you’ll reduce your body’s overall acidity. Lemon is one of the most alkaline foods around. Yes, lemon has citric acid but it does not create acidity in the body once metabolized.
3. Helps with weight loss: Lemons are high in pectin fiber, which helps fight hunger cravings. It also has been shown that people who maintain a more alkaline diet lose weight faster.
4. Aids digestion: Lemon juice helps flush out unwanted materials. It encourages the liver to produce bile which is an acid that required for digestion. Efficient digestion reduces heartburn and constipation.
5. Is a diuretic: Lemons increase the rate of urination in the body, which helps purify it. Toxins are, therefore, released at a faster rate which helps keep your urinary tract healthy.
6. Clears skin: The vitamin C component helps decrease wrinkles and blemishes. Lemon water purges toxins from the blood which helps keep skin clear as well. It can actually be applied directly to scars to help reduce their appearance.
7. Freshens breath: Not only this, but it can help relieve tooth pain and gingivitis. The citric acid can erode tooth enamel, so you should monitor this.
8. Relieves respiratory problems: Warm lemon water helps get rid of chest infections and halt those pesky coughs. It’s thought to be helpful to people with asthma and allergies too.
9. Keeps you zen: Vitamin C is one of the first things depleted when you subject your mind and body to stress. As mentioned previously, lemons are chock full of vitamin C.
10. Helps kick the coffee habit: After taking a glass of warm lemon water, most people suggests of less craving for coffee in the morning.
Why it has to be warm water not cold? Cold water likely provides a shock or stress factor to the body. It takes energy for your body to process cold water.
The recipe is really simple - a cup of warm water (not hot) and the juice from half of a lemon.
0 Reasons Why You Should Drink Warm Lemon Water in the Morning.

Hairstyles for Round Face Shapes - What Hair Styles Will Suit your Round Face Best

If you are like many women out there and have been gifted a round face, there are specific hairstyles for round face shapes that will make you look more beautiful.

But before we proceed to give you hairstyle ideas, here's an important question...

Are you sure you have a round face?

To make sure that you are going to get your best look with these hairstyle tips, it's important that you first make sure you have a round face.

One simple way is to put your hair into a ponytail and go in front of the mirror. Then draw the outline of your face on the mirror with a lip stick around your face. Then step back and see what shape it is more similar to.

Here is a list of face shapes to help you see which one your face drawing is more similar to...

* Oval

* Round

* Long

* Heart

* Square

* Diamond

Another great technique to see if your face is really round is to ask other people like your friends or family members to guess your face shape. Since they will have an outsider's look, they can say more accurately.

OK, so now that you are sure you have a round face, let's see what kind of hair style will look best on you...

The best hairstyles that will look good on you are those that add length to your face.

A long straight hair is a good idea because long hair will make your face look longer, and since it's straight it will make your head width show less.

So what if your hair is not straight and it's curly?

Then a long hairstyle will still look good on you. You may want to use a hair straightener like the popular Sedu flat iron to make your hair straight sometimes.

Here you can see some beautiful Sedu hairstyles for straight hair.

Another good hairstyle idea that will look perfect on round faces is a long hairstyle with curly ends because it will add width to the bottom of your face and make the width disappear.

Also an easy way to find beautiful hairstyles for round face is to see which celebrity has a round face and then search for that celebrity's hairstyles pictures.

Since celebrities frequently try different hairstyles, you can easily find a collection of good round face hairstyles this way. You can see which hair styles fits her face most and then try it on yourself.

But at the end, remember it's YOU and only you who decides which hairstyle you feel most comfortable in, and that it the hairstyle that will also look most beautiful on you.

If you like a hairstyle that doesn't fit the rules outlined here, it doesn't matter. Because when you like your hairstyle and feel good in it, all the rest goes away because this confidence and inner beauty will shine through your face and you will look more beautiful than ever.

Wish you the best of luck in choosing your hair style!

 Ladi Lashkari
Hairstyles for Round Face Shapes

Health Benefits of Pumpkin Seeds

- Pumpkin seeds are high in zinc, which is good for the prostate and building the immune system.

- They also contain fatty acids that kill parasites.

- Raw pumpkin seeds contain essential fatty acids and beneficial proteins.

- For maximum nutritional benefits, seeds should be eaten raw.

- Roasted seeds contain damaged fat that can lead to plaque in the arteries.


Avoiding Childhood Obesity

By Mary Bodel
What do our children do? Do they run outside, play softball in the street and ride their bicycles up and down the sidewalk? That's what we did as kids. On the other hand, do they sit down at the computer to do their homework, get a few video games in before dinner and then sit down to watch television? For many children, it's the second set of activities.
How does diet affect our children? Do our children eat vegetables grown in their own yard, take a lunch to school and eat fruit for dessert? On the other hand, do they eat frozen waffles, a high fat school lunch and then takeout for dinner? Once again, many follow the latter pattern.
How can we protect our children? The best way is to be more like the first statements and less like the latter. The problem is that it's a very difficult way to go.
As I said in the summary, the biggest problem in the war against childhood obesity is inactivity. There are so many electronic devices available that our kids are more likely to text the person they're sitting next to rather than speak.
Should they give up all of these devices? That isn't really the answer either. Instead, we parents need to set limits. That's the role of a parent. We should also encourage our children to be active.
There's a second part to that. Take replace "children" with "we adults." How many of us still go outside and play? How often do we prepare and eat meals with fresh fruits and vegetables? Our children can't learn to be active and eat well unless they are taught. They need to be taught both by our words and by our deeds.
Here's a suggestion. Get out the old badminton set (or basketball or softball) and play *with* the kids. Find ways to serve healthy foods that can be made quickly at home. When we as a nation of parents can do that, we can end childhood obesity.

 Source EzineArticles

How to Remove Pimple Marks From the Face

Pimples occur when excess sebum* and dead skin cells clog the sebaceous gland. The sebaceous gland is usually located under the skin connected to hair follicles (except when it opens directly to the skin, primarily around the corners of the mouth and parts of the reproductive system). This gland has cells that secrete fatty materials that accumulate, making the cells swell and burst. The mixture of fatty material and cellular debris is called "sebum". Sebum is secreted into the hair follicles, keeping the hair and skin soft, supple, and waterproof. Pimples and blackheads are created when excess sebum is produced and the gland is clogged. Certain bacteria thrive in this mess, signaling the immune system to attack, which causes inflammation and redness (a pimple). And just for clarification, pimples are NOT caused by eating too many chocolate or greasy foods.

How to Remove Pimple Marks from the Face
Dermabrasion is the method of shedding the top layers of skin using an apparatus that resembles a sandblaster. The method physically sheds scar tissue with the intention of giving it a fresher appearance. The technique works best on superficial scarring.
Depressed ice pick scars and deep pimple scars on your face demand a different treatment. Not only do dermabrasion patients need up to two months of recovery time due to burning and irritation but also dermabrasion does not exhilarate the synthesis of collagen and elastin components in the scar site. In order to completely fill in sunken acne scars, new skin elements must be sparked by some source.
Add black holy basil leaves powder in turmeric powder and apply the pack on the face before bath. This removes pimples.

Grind coriander, Lodhra and Koot and apply on the face.
Grind fenugreek leaves and apply the pack on the face, let it dry. Then wash the face, continue this for few days to remove pimples. This also makes the skin soft and smooth.
Remove Pimple Marks from The Face
Eat more of leafy vegetables and fruits; keep your bowels clean, that is more important to reduce your pimples. Consume less of oily and junk food. Drink more water.
Also consuming more of fresh salads will give u relief from your problem.
Wash you face with milk and lemon, mix milk and lemon, wash your face everyday, it makes your skin lighter, can erase the pimple marks on your face
Use his to-calamine lotion (it contains aloe Vera extract) )all see good result in a week or two all drink lots of water n eat lots of fruits. Avoid oily n fried stuff. you can even try a gel called acne sol..

To stop pimples drink coconut water empty stomach everyday, if you have a heat body then it cools down the body from inside and also clenses from inside,because if you have a heat body then pimples wont stop they keep comming again and again, and also drink coriender juice mixed with curds, take some coriander and curds blend in a blender add a little salt and drink this, it is really good coriander is a cooling agent and keeps your stomach cool.
Apply a topical acne treatment containing benzoyl peroxide, glycolic acid, or salicylic acid over your entire face, not just where blemishes have already erupted.
At night, use a drying spot-treatment product and dab oil-free moisturizer on dry areas.
In the morning, apply an oil-free sunscreen gel over the entire face.
Use your first bottle of the blemish remover on that, by spreading the formula onto your blemished skin to moisten it.
Let it all dry on your skin, while your skin absorbs the skin-healing formula.

Understanding Heart Attack - What You Should Know

These days more and more cases of myocardial infarction are being reported and it seems that no one is spared from it. In the past, it is safe to say that only people who are older are the ones who are at risk of suffering a heart attack. Sad to say, the same thing could not be said these days since people of all ages and gender could suffer it. Lifestyle changes, modern times, and pollution are only some factors that could cause this heart ailment. Being aware about this coronary heart disease is important for us to avoid it.
Heart attack could strike any person, young or old, male or female. It is important to know that anyone is at risk from having a heart disease. It does not necessarily mean that if you are young and you feel good that you won't suffer from heart attack. We all need to know what causes it for us to avoid it.
Vices are common even for young people. Smoking and drinking alcoholic beverages are one of the most common vices that could lead to heart attack. Eating fatty food, lack of exercise, and stress could also lead to this disease. People who do not have vices are also not safe from heart diseases as they could also inherit it from their parents or grandparents. If people are well aware that heart attack is fatal and those factors could lead to a heart attack, then they would also learn to value their health more and would take precautions.
How would one know that he or she is suffering from a myocardial infarction already? Shortness of breath, pain in the chest, and vomiting are common symptoms of a heart attack. Getting medical attention as soon as possible after experiencing these symptoms is very important to minimize the damage. As much as possible, call an ambulance and let them give immediate intervention instead of driving to the hospital. Having presence of mind when having a heart attack may be hard to do but it is important and it could save your life. Learning first aid basics could not only help save your own life but the lives of others as well.
As much as possible, we need to lessen, if not completely eliminate, the risk of having a myocardial infarction. Having a healthy and balanced diet, exercising regularly, and taking your vitamins daily or as prescribed by a doctor are only among the things which are not that hard to do to prevent suffering a heart disease. If we have family history or we already have problems with our heart, it is best to always consult your doctor and never forget to take the prescribed medications.
Understanding what you need to do during a heart attack, how to prevent it and knowing its causes are very important. Always remember that having the right knowledge is already winning half the battle.
Ricky S. Solomon is a nurse who loves writing for Uniformhaven.com which sells cheap landau scrubs and urbane scrubs free shipping as well as a host of additional products.
By Ricky Solomon
Understanding Heart Attack - What You Should Know

Find the Best Beauty Tips for Supple Dewy Skin

On every day basis the epidermis is subjected to extreme harsh circumstances that eventually produce variety of epidermis disorders. Dry blotchy epidermis, skin tones, pimples, wrinkles, wrinkles, blocked skin pores are some common results of a traumatic way of life led by many. The elegance advice help to maintain the wellness as good looks is a direct representation of inner wellness. Majority of epidermis conditions is mainly due to defective way of life, excessive smoking, drinking, exposure to harmful elements etc. In today's current ever increasing aesthetic industry there are several obtrusive and non obtrusive treatments available that can significantly alter any given facial feature. Other than this there are also variety of on the counter items available that can improve the epidermis disease.
Before thoughtlessly looking for any given product it is recommended to take time out and confirm on the substances incorporated, epidermis interface, adverse reactions, chemical substances etc. Rather than looking for chemical formulated items, an perfect option is to go for 100% organic items that cures, hydrates and restores epidermis. There are several design and cosmetics blogs published on the internet offering incredible guidelines and guidelines on healthy epidermis care. Cooking area can be a treasure chest to come up with perfect elegance formulas that not only add shine to the epidermis but also restores its organic nutrients. Before getting started first and foremost a individual needs to determine on the kind of epidermis.
There are a variety of substances available in your kitchen to suit different forms of epidermis. Acne are one of the most irritating epidermis issues that can occur any time. Acne are mainly caused when the sweat gland based under hair roots becomes over active. More than 80% of youngsters at some point or so experience pimples issues. Choosing or compressing on pimples can only elevate the problem resulting in the risk of scarring damage. Pushing cold chamomile tea tea bag on pimples will help decrease the pain and swelling to some extent. Similarly applying the insert of mashed pain killers and water can help declog skin pores and decrease event of pimples.
Whether a individual is looking to get the lost shine back, decrease bloating of eyes, hide pimples, best cosmetics removal guidelines there are range of home formulas available to deal with almost all epidermis issues. Found on the internet the best elegance formulas to treat almost all epidermis issues. You need to is bombarded with variety of cosmetics and so getting a right substances can be a complicated task. Seeking the appointment of a major skin specialist can go a long way in understanding the kind of epidermis and best suited items for you.
Other than elegance advice and formulas this on the internet source details almost all design subject. Whether you are looking to sashay in ultra stylish outfits or want to impersonate some famous design queen there is an article available on every given subject. From nail art designs, best hair-styles, design guidelines, physical wellness and fitness there is information on every given subject. The well investigated, consistent and funny articles available on the internet is sure to make for an interesting read. So, all flourishing fashionistas and design experts looking to get educated on latest design mantras can visit the website.
Author: Usman.
 Supple Dewy Skin

Dyshidrosis Treatment: How you Can Help yourself

Dyshidrosis, also known as Dyshidrotic Eczema, is a chronic skin condition which is characterized by small blisters on the hands and feet. The name "Dyshidrosis" comes from the word "dyshidrotic" which means "bad sweating" which was deemed as the cause. Sometimes it is also known as Pompholyx which means "bubble" in Greek referring to the blisters on the skin. In some cases, pmpholx refers to hand dyshidrosis. This skin condition is not contagious to others, but it can cause extreme stress and pain to the sufferers. Not to mention the unsightly nature of the condition can cause social anxiety and low self esteem.
Till today, the definite cause of Dyshidrosis is unknown. It is often associated with other skin diseases such as atopic dermatitis, contact dermatitis, bacterial infection or excessive stress. However, there are several probable factors which can aggravate the condition:
- Nickel allergy may be a significant contributing factor to dyshidrosis. Tests have shown that dyshidrosis sufferers who are given a low nickel diet reported having less flare ups.
- Coming into contact with allergens may be the cause.
- Metal toxicity such as copper, mercury and nickel
- Other possible factors include aspirin ingestion, oral contraceptives, cigarette smoking, and implanted metals.

Unfortunately, since dyshidrosis is a type of eczema, the most common treatment for dyshidrosis is topical steroids which can bring about harmful long term effects such as skin thinning. Other methods include the use of Hydrogen Peroxide (35% strength) and Potassium Permanganate solution. Both of these can work to a certain extend but the side effects include significant burning and itching.
Therefore,it is recommended that to treat Dyshidrosis, it is necessary to go back to the basics, that is to strenghten the immune system and eliminating toxins from the body. You can check out the various methods to achieve a strong immune system via feeding the body the right food at EczemaFreeNaturally.com
Having the basics taken care of, here are some of the home remedies you can try to get relief for Dyshidrosis:
- Use emollients frequently to prevent cracking and itching. Avoid petroleum jelly as it does not absorb into the skin.
- Try soaking in sea salts or epson salts. Some found relief in soaking in white vinegar.
- Avoid harsh shampoos and body wash. Stick with gentle bath oil. If you are having flare ups, remember to wear gloves when washing hair or bathing.
- Avoid nickel if you are allergic to it. Nickel can present in certain types of foods, jewelry, computer keyboards, dental filling and even bra.
- Avoid stressful situations or learn stress management
- Avoid scratching. I know it is easier said than done. Try wearing unbleached cotton gloves to protect your hands.
- Plantain (Plantago major) infused in olive or other oil can be soothing.
- Wear cotton gloves while reading newspapers, books and magazines. The lead in the ink may be an irritant.
- Avoid hand sanitizing products which contains alcohol. Alcohol is drying and may aggravate the condition.
- Wash affected hands and feet with cool water and apply a moisturizer as soon as possible.
Although dyshidrosis is not life threatening, this skin condition can cause extreme pain and stress to the sufferes. While there is no definite treatment for dyshidrosis, one can aid the healing of this condition by practising a healthy lifestyle.
Dyshidrosis Treatment: How you Can Help yourself

5 Reasons to Try a New Acne Treatment

By Waveney Charles
There a number of reasons to stick with the same acne treatment for a long period of time, but if that treatment product is not working for you then that would be a good reason to change. I know we have all heard that it takes some time for treatment to work but that time usually does not exceed three months. In fact you should begin to see changes within 2 to 3 weeks of using a product. So in the event you are wondering if you should change your acne treatment product below are 5 reasons to help you decide when it is time to give up on that product you are using.
1. No changes after 3 months. Most of us want to have quick fixes and especially when it comes to acne treatment we want those embarrassing skin lesions gotten rid of as soon as possible. But most experts would tell you that it is logical to see good results after about 2 weeks to a month of using a skin product. While for some persons they see improvement in days this should not be expected. After 3 months however considerable improvement should be seen on the skin and any product that does not give good results after this time should be abandoned (unless instructed otherwise by a doctor or beauty expert).
2. Allergic reactions. If while using an acne product you develop severe breakouts or acne in other part of the face that did not have them before, this should indicate to you that it is time to stop, review and most likely use a different product. Persons may want to keep using the product with the hope that the reaction may stop after repeated use. This practice should not be done since most allergic reactions do not get better if the individual is continually exposed to the agent or agents responsible for the reaction.
3. If there is a plateau in the condition. This simple means if you have used a product for some time got results with it but for some reason there are no further improvements. The plateau effect occurs in persons who are trying to lose weight, where they lose a few pounds and are stuck at a particular weight, being unable to lose more for some reason. If this effect occurs in acne treatment then it would be a good time to change the product you are using to something else.
4. Your level of satisfaction. Level of satisfaction is important to the kind of results you will experience. Often we look past this aspect but if you are using a product and is not satisfied with the kinds of results you are receiving, after using a product for a period of time that is, then it would be reason enough to try out a new product.
5. Your budget, this is relevant since as was mentioned before it takes a little time to see results and if you are having great results with a product then you would want to stick with it. Now if you would have started a product that is expensive but realize that you cannot afford to stick with it, then switching to a new, cheaper product would be a wise decision, instead of stopping treatment altogether and waiting until you could reorder that particular product.
For more information on effectively treating your acne visit my blog, and while you are there get my free eBook that will help you to manage stubborn acne once and for all.
sexy Acne

Tips to Prevent Allergies

Author: Georgia Tetlow
There are several conventional and alternative treatments for allergies, but I've found that my patients also benefit from lifestyle changes which may significantly reduce the impact of their allergy triggers. It cannot be stressed enough that you consult with your physician before implementing any of the following recommendations so as to ensure there is no conflict with your current treatment plan.
  • Wash off pollen from hands and other exposed areas in peak allergy seasons.
  • Keep windows and doors closed during high pollen count times and stay inside on the driest, windiest days to minimize exposure to seasonal allergens.
  • Use high-particulate air (HEPA) filters inside to reduce most airborne contaminants, especially in bedroom locations.
  • In humid areas, use a dehumidifier to limit mold development.
  • Buy allergy-proof bedding, including mattress and pillow case covers, to reduce allergy symptoms, and regularly wash sheets, blankets and pillow cases in hot water.
  • Stuffed animals and real animals alike can contribute to allergic rhinitis, so wash them frequently.
  • Consider removing carpeting in bedrooms or use area rugs which can be cleaned regularly. Vacuum all carpets and floor surfaces weekly with a HEPA-filter equipped appliance.
  • Limit lawn mowing and other gardening activities at peak allergy times; avoid use of chemical pesticides and outdoor products.
  • Use environmentally and health-safe household cleaners.
  • Eat healthy, whole organic foods with plenty of anti-inflammatory antioxidants.
  • Avoid use of herbal products and foods that cross react with seasonal allergens; for some people this may include Echinacea species and certain fruits and vegetables (this is known as the "oral allergy syndrome").
  • To prevent allergic disease in babies, consider perinatal avoidance of known food allergens, especially if there's a family history of atopic disease; breastfeeding is known to be protective as well.
  • Try a saline rinse device called a "neti pot" to clear pollen from the nasal cavities. Even children as young as 2 or 3 years old can be taught how to use one.
  • Look into using specific natural health product supplements, like probiotics and essential fatty acids, which may lower your risk of developing allergies.
  • Think about taking up a stress-coping technique, like yoga or meditation. I recommend mindfulness!
(Sources include Rosen LD: An Integrative Approach to Atopic Disorders in Children. Altern Complement Ther 13: 71-77, 2007)


Eye Care and Best 12 Tips for Your Eyes

Eyes are one of the most important organs in the human body and vision is one of the most wonderful gifts. But often many people neglect the importance of eye care and do not pay proper attention towards eye care.
Our vision is one of those wonderful gifts most of us take for granted. The only time we even have cause to think about our vision as such is when we think about a blind person who has no vision at all, or our own vision begins to fail us
Eye is one of the most important organs for humans. With our eyes can see the world around, we can understand the beauty of God's creation and many other things. No doubt that everyone will feel very afraid of losing vision.

Here are some easy tips for eye care
1. Get up before sunrise.
2. Every morning after waking up, fill your mouth with water, close your eyes and drizzle / flush your eyes about 10 -15 minutes. Eyes should not be washed with hot water.
3. eye and face should not be washed away if the body is sweating, especially after hard physical exercise or after the sun and heat.
4. Avoid constant staring at the object with particularly long distances. A good thing if you are blinking or giving rest to your eyes. Do not see an object under bright sunlight for a long time. Avoid reading, writing or working with eyes in improper light, or if the light is not enough. Take a break and rest your eyes if you feel heaviness or tiredness in the eyes.
5. Not sleep at night and sleeping after sunrise can membayakan eye. If not staying up, drink a cup of water every half hour.
6. Protect your eyes from dust, smoke, scorching sunlight and strong winds. Avoid being long in a state like that. If you can not escape from that situation, wink-kejapkan your eyes and gently massage your eyes are closed with the palm of the hand.
7. Because constipation can weaken your eyesight, regular and removing loose net must be maintained. Moreover, too much desire / anxiety, sadness, anger, stress and worry are harmful for the eyes.
8. One easy exercise is to move the eyeball in all directions ie, right and left, up and down, and rotate clockwise and counter-clockwise. Regular exercise helps keep the eyes of perfect vision.
9. Rub your palms together for 30 seconds and gently place the warm palms on the eyes closed
10. Eat cabbage and carrots, just like that or made juice, very beneficial for the eyes.
11. One teaspoon of Triphala powder in a glass of water enters and leaves on overnight. In the morning, strain the water and wash the eyes with water.
12. Squirt a drop of honey in each eye once a week is also beneficial to the eyes as it can clean the eyes. (From various sources)
Author: sophia

How to Whiten Your Teeth with Banana peel

Teeth Whitening Toothpaste 
1. Brush your teeth as usual with a natural toothpaste or you can use the banana peel first and then brush. Use a ripe banana as it has the most potassium content in it. Peel from the bottom end as this is how monkeys peel their bananas and it will keep you from having all those loose threads.
2, Take a piece of the inside of the banana peel and gently rub around on your teeth for about 2 minutes. The amazing minerals in the peel like potassium, magnesium and manganese absorb into your teeth and whiten them.
3. Repeat the same procedure at night or before bedtime, to whiten teeth. Leaving the banana peel on longer is optional if you have stains that need to come off.
4. Do the banana peel routine twice daily to see teeth whiten.
Teeth Whitening

Role of Lipotropic Injections in Weight Loss

Lipotropic injections are the one of the best ways to reduce bad fat from your body organs from definite places from where exercising and controlling diet can not remove the fat. Exercising can make you slim and remove fat but not for all the organs. If you want to remove abnormal fat from specified body organs and location, lipotropic injections are the best way for quick removal of unstructured fat.
Lipotropic injections consist three main Amino acids and Vitamin B12 that are most important to activate and increase the functionalities of liver and gall bladder that ultimate stimulate the body metabolic rate to generate new and healthy cells and increase the body performance.
Choline element makes supportive action in this process. Choline takes active participation in fat metabolism and detoxification. It lowers homocysteine and prevents heart related issues in old age.
Methionine is the substance in this injection to inhibit the accumulation of fat on body organs and enhance the body energy level. Methionine breaks down the fatty acid and stops the deposition in the body organs and in the blood vessels result in saving us from coronary artery blockage diseases and lower down the chances of heart attack. This also helps in process of liver detoxification that is done generally by liver through blood circulation.Inositol is a part of lipotropic drug that increase the lipid metabolism and reduce the cholesterol in blood. It even regulates insulin in blood and good for diabetic person to maintain the blood sugar level.
Pyridoxine or Vitamin B6 among the ingredients of lipotropic injection acts as enzyme to convert amino acids in Glucose. And regulates the level of amino acids and nitrogenous compounds in body
Vitamin B12 is an essential nutrient to activate and regulates the central nervous system. Generally these dietary supplements are found in our regular food very less. They should be taken as nutritional supplements on regular basis to maintain your higher body metabolic rate. Vitamin B12 keeps you healthy, fit, energetic and reduces the stress level. This supplement is very much useful in Lipotropic injections to maintain your body energy level during the weight loss treatment and reduce your stress that keep you fresh. Many people have undergone this treatment and have got excellent result of drastic weight loss.
Benefits of Weight Loss using lipotropic injections
There are many benefits of using lipotropic injections for effective weight loss
  1. This is a non-invasive and safe method unlike other weight loss program.
  2. This treatment enhance the natural fat burning capacity of the body.
  3. It reduces the fat from stubborn areas that are very hard to remove with other treatments and exercising.
  4. This treatment improves the body metabolic rate for better digestion and energy production and reduce the fat deposition
  5. Increased metabolic rate provides extreme freshness and energy for your day work. It increases your physical activity as this injection is the mixture of vitamin B6 & B12 along with many other fat burning substances that keep the energy ready for physical actions.
Lipotropic injections or vitamin B12 injections are good for weight loss and slimming treatment. It improves your power, enhances the body fitness and brings happiness in your life. The Lipotropic treatment should be carried out by an expert to avoid any side effects.

 Weight Loss

How to Control Hair Fall Naturally at Home

Hair loss No More
However getting anxious and stressed out will not do any good. Instead look for remedies-in your kitchen and garden! Yes, you heard it right there are ample natural products that will help you to control hair fall within the confines of your home.
Leading the brigade is the Indian Gooseberry or amla. Soak it overnight in water and rinse your hair with it after shampooing. You can also heat up alma in coconut oil and massage our hair with it. Alternately you can also mix lime juice and powdered amla and apply it. Regardless of the way you use amla, it is one of the most effective way of checking hair loss and even premature graying.
You can also make a hair mask by mixing half cup of yogurt with � teaspoon of powdered black pepper. Apply this paste on your hair and rise off thoroughly once dry.
You will be surprised to know that you can even make your own anti-hair fall shampoo at home using aloe vera gel, wheat germ and coconut milk.
Massaging your scalp with coconut oil followed by turban therapy for 10 minutes will help your scalp to absorb the essential vitamins. Thereafter shampoo your hair. Do this every week and regain your lustrous mane. Also, the application of coconut oil mixed with limewater and lime juice will strengthen your hair.
Massaging the hair with fresh coriander strength to hair juice also imparts and reduce hair fall.
Regular intake of alfalfa mixed with lettuce and carrot juice also promotes hair growth. Likewise drinking half a litre of spinach and lettuce juice mixed together also works wonders for your hair.
Another highly effective hair fall treatment involves boiling 250 grams of mustard oil with an equal quantity of henna leaves in an iron vessel until nearly 60 grams of the leaves are burnt. Filter and store this oil and massage your hair regularly with it.
Massaging your scalp with coconut milk which can be obtained by grinding coconut shavings and draining the liquid nourishes and strengthens hair.
In addition to these it also pays to keep in mind certain practical things to reduce hair fall.
• After shampooing flip your hair forward and tie your towel like a turban and gently squeeze the water. Avoid rubbing or dabbing your hair and let it dry naturally.
• Do not comb backwards or comb wet hair.
• Ensure that you have a healthy and balanced diet coupled with exercises.
• Drink sufficient fluids to flush out toxics.
• Keep your scalp clean and dandruff free.
• Avoid using rollers, dryers and strengthening irons on your hair as these damages and makes your hair brittle and vulnerable.
With these natural hair care tips and suggestions in your kitty you can bid adieu to all anxieties circling around hair loss and flaunt your lustrous mane without any apprehensions whatsoever.
StyleCraze Community is the right place to get your daily dose of Beauty Tips. StyleCraze is also the leading online store for Beauty care products in India.Hair loss 
You can also interact with like minded beauty addicts and get proper solutions for your beauty queries about natural hair care tips.

Symptoms Of An Abdominal Pregnancy

Author: Jigi
What Is Abdominal Pregnancy
An abdominal pregnancy is one of the categories of ectopic pregnancy where an embryo gets implanted in the abdomen, and not in the uterus. An abdominal pregnancy happens in the rare case. There are no specific reasons for this kind of pregnancy however; it is seen more in those women who have crossed their maternal age and also; in those who have problematic reproductive history. In the recent survey, it has come out that the foetal death occurs in 35 to 95% of abdominal pregnancy cases.
When the ovum of the woman is fertilized outside the fallopian tube, and starts developing in that place which is known as abdominal pregnancy. There are no early or specific signs through which one can detect it as an abdominal pregnancy.
In order to recognize an abdominal pregnancy, you need to learn a bit about its symptoms:
This abdominal or tubal pregnancy is further divided into 2 categories namely primary and secondary abdominal pregnancy.
Primary & Secondary Abdominal Pregnancy: Primary abdominal pregnancy is nothing but the fertilization of an egg in one of the abdominal areas, and the secondary abdominal pregnancy refers to the term where the growth of the embryo happens in the abdomen or relevant areas. However; the majority of this type of pregnancies witness stillborn baby birth.
The cause for this type of the pregnancy is not specific, but it has been found out that this medical condition occurs mostly in the cases of the women suffering from inflammatory diseases in the pelvic cavity. With this medical condition, women experiences swelling and inflammation which cause the fertilized eggs to travel back into the bowels, stomach or in some other regions of abdomen.
Symptoms Of Abdominal Pregnancy
There are no precise signs or symptoms of an abdominal pregnancy that makes it easy to diagnose. Only a medical test can confirm that it is an abdominal pregnancy. A woman who has the condition of abdominal pregnancy might exhibit few symptoms that include:
The uterus being ill-define that usual uterine pregnancy. The baby lies in the transverse or oblique position which is quite abnormal than the normal pregnancy. The parts of the foetus is abnormally hard to feel
There is normal occurrence of periods despite of pregnancy
Continuous moving abdominal pain which is hard to localize, despite of 28 weeks pregnancy
Heavy bleeding in vagina
Lose or increased weight problem
High fever
Frequent light-headedness
With the above mentioned symptoms, it also includes diseases such as food poison, stomach virus, formation of stone in the kidney and appendix problems. In most of these cases women do not know about their pregnancy because of the fact that they are still getting their periods.
When doubted with such medical conditions, a computerized ultrasound is done in order to identify the case of an abdominal pregnancy. A laparoscopy is performed to find the precise position of the growing embryo. Surgery is the only available, and the best solution in the case of abdominal pregnancy. Here the patient's abdomen is cut open, and embryo is taken out. However; this happens only in the rare occasion where a pregnancy reaches to the full term. Otherwise in most of the cases, there are still born birth seen or natural abortions are witnessed.

Article Source: articlesbase

7 Tips For A Better-Looking, Longer Lasting Manicure

This article isn't a step by step guide to the perfect manicure; rather it's a list of tips that will help your manicure look better.
Not only will following these tips help your manicure look more professional, we'll tell you how to get your polish to dry faster and last longer - and improve your nail's health to boot!
1. Remove All Old Polish And Clean Nails Well
Nails and hands should be very clean and dry. Even if there is no old polish on them, it's recommended to give them a quick wipe with a cotton ball soaked in polish remover. It removes any oils from the nail, so polish will adhere better.
2. Before You Apply Polish, Push Back Your Cuticles
Use an orange stick or cuticle stick to push back your cuticles before you put on your polish. It will allow you to apply polish further down the nail bed, extending the life of your manicure.
Also, do not cut your cuticles or remove them in any other way; they function as a barrier, keeping germs out away from the growing nail base.
3. Let Your Polish Dry Completely Between Coats
I know that it can be boring to sit and wait for nail polish to dry, but it's important to a good looking manicure. Apply polish in thin layers, and give each one at least 10 minutes to dry. It takes longer but creates chip resistance, and also avoids smearing or bubbling that can happen if you try to apply polish too soon over the last coat.
4. Use Three Strokes To Polish Your Nail
When applying polish, do one stroke straight up the middle, then one stroke up each side to cover the entire nail.
5. Take Care When Applying Polish Near The Cuticles
Make sure to use thin coats of polish so that it doesn't pool around the cuticle. Otherwise you end up with a lump from polish build up around the bottom edge of your nail, and that just doesn't look nice. Take your time and get it right.
6. Help Your Polish Dry Quickly
To speed dry your polish, let cold water from the tap run over them. Or hold them in a bowl of icy water (no actual ice, or you may ding the polish). Using a blow dryer on the cool setting can speed up the process too.
7. Keep Your Manicure Looking Fresh Longer By Applying Top Coat Every Day
After you've finished applying color, make sure to give you manicure a clear topcoat to protect it and add shine. Then, every day afterwards, apply another layer of top coat to keep your manicure looking good for much longer.

Problems sleeping? try these tips

Avoid drinking drinks such as energy drinks, coffee and any others drinks that contain caffeine (read the label) drinking plenty of water throughout the day so you are not dehydrated but avoid drinking a lot of liquid towards the end of the day where possible, also avoid alcohol and eating a heavy meal late at night.
Give yourself a cut off point for example when it gets to 9pm stop doing house work, office work, homework etc. and use this time to unwind and prepare yourself for sleep in the next few hours. Pack away what you are doing and write a list if there is anything that needs finishing off the following day so that it's not on your mind. Pack your bag and make any lunch you might need to take when you leave the house the next day to save you doing it in the morning.
Run yourself a bath with lavender bubbles, light some candles and turn off the main light. Some gentle music playing quietly is very relaxing. After getting out of the bath get into your pyjamas so that you are all ready for bed.
Have a warm drink such as a hot chocolate or haulix and make sure your room is not too hot and not too cold so that you are comfortable.
Spray your pillow with lavender pillow sleep mist that you can buy to help you sleep. Make your room as dark as possible by turning off the landing light, closing the curtains and turning off all lamps and lights in your bedroom.
Set your alarm so that you don't have to worry about sleeping in and Try not to watch TV or play on electronic games or your phone in bed as you want to relax rather than your using your brain or staring at a light screen. Keep a note pad by your bed and if anything is on your mind that is stopping you from sleeping write it down and then think right I'll worry about that tomorrow now.
Take slow long deep breaths and try to relax, breathing in for 7 seconds holding for 4 seconds and breathing out for 7 seconds is a good way to put yourself into relax mode.
Before you know it you will be fast asleep.
By The Swan Hotel
 sleeping Problems

The manicure involves helping your nails too

Author: ninna wolf
Weaker nails are an indication of weak built body. But if you arte fit and yet yours nails are not naturally that attractive then try your hands, or I mean try your fingers on the acrylic nails which are the artificial counterparts which are applied on the nails by the ladies to enhance their looks a step further. Now this does not mean that you can apply any acrylic products for your nails and make them look happening but the selection of the nails should also be done in an effective manner with proper guidance and consultancy from your designer or the beautician.
The pedicure and manicure are the routine treatments you ladies get done from the one time visit to the beauty parlor apart from hair setting, eye brow plucking and facials. The manicure involves the following ranges and types depending upon the customer's age and requirements of the occasion.


The proper removal of dirt from the first layer of your sin is a must before applying any chemical on the hands as they are the most exposed part of your body. The cleaning is followed by pack application for the complexion improvement, which is followed by the artificial nail installing if required.

Acrylic nails

Some ladies omit this in their manicure session but some teenagers who love flaunting the color and having beautifully arty nails go for this every season. The shaped and clean nails are not naturally always possible so fixing an artificial acrylic set of nails will do. These acrylic materials are glued to the natural nails temporarily and after which you can have your designed art forms and colors on the fixed nails. The shape of the nails can be ordered going by your wish.

Shape of nails

Long fingers will look more good and well enhanced when the nails are square edged and have the non sharp corners with a slight de-sharpening on the edges. If the fingers are short and fat or muscled then the sharp oval shaped ending on the nailswill look great. Other than these common ones, there are varied other shaped availed in the acrylic nail arts session like for the Halloween get up the vampire nails with sharpen tips or for a simple party a blunt and not so classy ends are also availed for the ladies.
Options even in on section of the treatment in the beauty parlor is ample, but being aware is what is needed.

Article Source: http://www.articlesbase.com/nails-articles/the-manicure-involves-helping-your-nails-too-5525748.html
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Sleep Therapy for Sleep Apnoea

Author: Jess Moss
Sleep apnoea is significantly more common than many people realise, partly because many sufferers are not even aware of their condition, and partly because it is not as widely publicised as some other conditions. The majority of sufferers are middle aged, and men are more likely than women to get the disorder. Some factors which contribute to the increased likelihood of developing the disorder include being overweight, being a smoker, drinking alcohol close to bedtime and taking certain medications such as sleeping tablets.
Diagnosing sleep apnoea is a complex process, made further complicated by the fact that sufferers have no recollection of their interrupted sleep, meaning that they are less likely to seek medical help. The range of symptoms associated with sleep apnoea is broad, and includes: tiredness, headaches, depression, anxiety, irritability and reduced ability to concentrate. Aside from the potential dangers of being tired, particularly at the wheel, the disorder can have longer term consequences, notably heart disease and diabetes. For these reasons, therefore, its treatment is incredibly important.
When treating the disorder, doctors will normally first seek to establish the severity with which the patient is suffering with sleep apnoea. This is normally calculated by taking into account how many times breathing is interrupted per hour during sleep. In milder cases of sleep apnoea, simple lifestyle changes such as losing weight, avoiding alcohol and sleeping tablets, and sleeping on the side rather than the back, may be sufficient to improve the condition and therefore the general wellbeing and longer term health of the patient.
For more severe cases, doctors may be required to prescribe a form of sleep therapy known as CPAP, or more formally, continuous positive airway pressure. This is simply the application of a pressurised air flow down the wind pipe to ensure that it remains open and that it cannot collapse. This allows the patient to continue breathing normally though the night. This form of sleep therapy is widely considered to be the gold standard in treatment for this condition and is widely used around the world.
Of course, CPAP sleep therapy has its drawbacks and it is notoriously difficult to get used to. Many patients complain that it is uncomfortable at first. This is partly because it requires a mask to be worn over the mouth and face and this may cause skin irritation at first. Similarly the flow of oxygen may dry out the throat causing nose bleeds and sore throats.
The benefits though far outweigh the drawbacks, with many patients noticing a significant improvement within days and weeks of beginning sleep therapy in this form.

Home Remedies for Swelling Feet – Herbal and Natural Remedies

Swelling feet is a common problem that anybody can face. Sometimes it may accompany with pain and can affect your normal routines. So to get relief from foot pain and swelling feet this article has focused on the causes and home remedies for swelling feet.
Causes of Swelling Feet
There are few causes of swelling and pain in the feet, arthritis is most common cause for swelling feet. The common symptom of arthritis is joint inflammation. Swelling in joints, stiffness in joints, restricted mobility in joints and redness are the reason for arthritis. Frostbite is another cause of swelling feet. Swelling of the hands and feet or other areas of the body can occur due to abnormal kidney function, kidney diseases, congestive heart failure, protein deficiency, cancer, or sodium retention. Pregnancy, standing for prolonged periods of time, premenstrual syndrome, an injury, oral contraceptives, low thyroid, anemia and deficiencies of potassium and vitamin B, or allergic reactions are the other reasons for swelling feet.
Swelling foot is really annoying, painful and even prevents you from doing your daily tasks. It is recommended to get a proper medical check-up because swelling foot can be a symptom of various serious medical conditions like arthritis and nerve circulatory problem.

Home Remedies for Swelling Feet
There are several home treatments that are very helpful to get you relief from swelling of the feet. Few of them are discussed as below -
- Hot and cold water massage gives tremendous relief from swelling. It is one of the best home remedies for swelling feet.
- Water has therapeutic benefits for swelling feet. It helps in relieving the pain and swelling from your feet without any fear of side effects.
- Soaking your feet in lukewarm water followed by a gentle massage using cream or lotion is very helpful relief for foot pain or swelling feet.
- Stretching and foot exercise is very effective home remedies for swelling feet. There are some good foot exercises and stretching that you can do as a relief for foot pain.
- Avoid high heels and don't put a lot of pressure on your feet.
- Wear shoes that fit properly – size, shape and comfort are very important factor in selecting shoe.
- Apply mixture of lemon juice, cinnamon, olive oil, water and milk.
Swelling Feet- Apply mixture of peppermint essential oil, water, eucalyptus essential oil and lemon essential oil. It is an effective home remedies for swelling feet and can be done anytime as all the ingredients are available at home all the time.
- Baking powder, rice water with water – Rice water is very good for improving micro circulation.
- A tea tree oil foot soak can also give you relief from foot pain and swelling of the feet.
- Lavender bubble baths and foot massage –It has a wonderful ingredient for your feet.
- Sandalwood oil massage – It has a soothing effect.
Disclaimer: This article is not meant to provide health advice and is for general information only. Always seek the insights of a qualified health professional before embarking on any health program.
By   Nick Mutt

Our Best Tips For Applying Mascara For A Stunning Look

Author: Marie Sanchez
Did you know that if you're not using the correct technique to put on your mascara, you might actually be damaging your eyelashes or your mascara brush? Not only that, but you may not be getting the dramatic look you really want if you aren't applying your mascara the right way.
In this article, we'll give you some helpful advice for how to use your mascara and mascara brush to achieve an absolutely fabulous look!
1. Start By Coating Your Mascara Brush Correctly
The intuitive thing to do with a mascara tube is to pull and push the brush in and out of the tube several times before applying mascara. As common as this practice is, it's actually a serious mistake.
One would think that doing this would load the brush up with more mascara, but it really doesn't. All it does is cause the bristles on the brush to break down faster, making them less effective at their job of coating and separating your eyelashes.
You only need to dip your mascara brush once and then remove it. It will be coated with mascara just fine, we promise.
2. Use The Correct Style Of Mascara Brush
Mascara brushes come in a variety of styles. The style that works best has a short brush head and a relatively small number of bristles. Why is it the best?
The reason is because a smaller brush will give you more and better control when you apply mascara. Also, it makes it easier for you to get to the lashes at the corners of your eyelids.
3. How To Avoid Clumping
If there's one thing that everyone who has ever tried to apply mascara has probably wondered, it's: "How do you keep mascara from clumping together on your eyelashes?" The answer is to always apply mascara with a clean mascara brush. (You wouldn't try to paint a picture or a house with a paintbrush that still had paint all over it from the last time, would you?)
You should clean out your mascara brush whenever you can. Start by removing most of the mascara from the bristles with eye makeup remover. Then, use plain soap and water to remove the rest of it. Don't put it back in the mascara tube until you've let it air dry completely.
4. How To Coat Your Lashes Completely
If you want your mascara to make your eyelashes appear fuller and thicker, begin at the roots of the eyelashes and pull the brush gently toward the tips, giving it a slight back-and-forth wiggle as you go. This motion helps the brush separate the lashes, so they get coated individually.
5. Don't Be Afraid To Experiment With Color
If your eye makeup needs an additional splash of color, you can use a mascara in one of many out-of-the-ordinary colors available, such as royal purple, sapphire blue, or even emerald green.
6. How To Avoid Getting Mascara Smudges On The Rest Of Your Makeup
Have you ever had your mascara bleed into the foundation you were wearing? Here's how to prevent that from happening.
As soon as you've finished putting on your foundation and eyeshadow, add a thin layer of face powder all over your base makeup. After that, you can put on mascara. Adding a powder sets the other makeup, and if any mascara does end up on your face, the powder will keep it separated from the other makeup, so it will be easy to wipe off the mascara mistake.
sexy eyes
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How To Give Yourself A Manicure - Step-By-Step Instructions

Author: Marie Sanchez
You can have long, beautiful, luxurious nails without going to an expensive salon. In fact, you can get the look of a professional manicure right in the comfort of your own home.
The following is an easy step-by-step guide to achieve an attractive, posh set of salon-style nails. Give yourself a manicure, or better yet, call some friends and have a DIY manicure party!
Step #1: Thoroughly wash and completely dry your hands.
Step #2: Using a nail file, gently stroke your nails from side to side. Stay away from the corners of your nails, since this may weaken them.
Step #3: Now, start to file your nails in your desired shape. Oval is popular, but you should ideally choose a shape that compliments your fingers and hands.
Step #4: Rub in a cuticle softener to each of your cuticles.
Step #5: Next, soak both hands in a soothing bowl of moderately warm water for a couple of minutes and just relax.
Step #6: After your hands have been soaked just enough to make them soft and pliable, tenderly push back each cuticle. Do not push to them to the point where you feel discomfort and pain... Gently snip down any hangnails if you have them.
Step #7: Start to massage the palms of your hands using your favorite skin lotion. Thoroughly work it into the remainder of your hands and in between your fingers. Not only does this promote healthy circulation, it will additionally enhance the overall appearance of your skin in addition to preventing wrinkles.
Step #8: Prior to applying your chosen nail color, your nails must be clean of the lotion you just applied. The simplest and fastest way to accomplish this is to use cotton balls. Take a cotton ball, and dip it into a bit of nail polish remover. Gently rub the entire surface of your nail. Continue to rub until the entire silky residue from the lotion is gone. Once your nails are clean, they are ready to polish.
Step #9: Now comes the really fun part - adding color! Take your brush and dab just enough polish on it to paint one center stroke down the nail. Ideally, the brush should not have too much paint on it to give your nail a smooth finish. Carefully paint the sides of your nail to finish the job. It should only take three strokes to completely polish one nail. Let it set for a couple of minutes before applying a second coat.
Step #10: Last step - after the polish sets, you are ready to apply a top coat. Although many people skip this step, it is important to realize that not only does it protect your nails, it will also prolong the life of your manicure.
Now, look at your beautiful hands and nails. Doesn't it look like you just came from the salon?
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How To Apply Makeup To Minimize The Signs Of Aging Skin

While we may wear our wrinkles with pride, it's still important to us to look our best. You don't have to go the Botox route to reduce the signs of aging. Below are six makeup tips that can help you look younger.
1. Skin Care
The first step to young-looking skin is keeping it healthy. A gentle cleanser and a good moisturizer will go a long way towards reducing the appearance of fine lines.
2. Foundation
Foundation should not change the color of your skin; it's best when used to even out skin color.
You want to use a foundation that blends into your natural skin color. Liquid foundation is best for mature skin; avoid powder which can settle into wrinkles, making them more pronounced. Use a foundation brush for application rather than fingers or a sponge for the most flawless finish.
Use concealer after foundation so you can easily see where it's most needed. The concealer color should match the foundation. Lightly pat concealer around your eye for the most natural look.
3. Eye Shadow
Mature women should avoid shimmery or frosted eye makeup as it emphasizes wrinkles. Instead, stay with matte shade that blend easily and help hide the lines.
Light peach or champagne colors can be applied to the eyelid first to help open the eyes. Apply a darker taupe or gray into the crease to add depth. Blend well for a natural appearance.
4. Eye Liner
Applying liner correctly can make eyes look wider and lashes look fuller. However, use a liner that's too dark, and it can make your eyes look harsh. Waterproof liner in a brown shade, applied under the lash line, will give a soft look. Use a pencil liner rather than liquid for a softer line, and work it across the top of your lashes, including in between - follow with mascara.
Use a brow pencil in a color that closely matches your eyebrow color to fill in your eyebrows. Following the natural shape of the brow, use small motions to apply the color. Be careful not to create the "drawn on" look, which is a danger for those of us with thinning brows.
5. Blush
As we age, our skin becomes drier, and collagen loss causes it to sag. Use a shade of blush one shade darker than normal to add depth and contours beneath the cheekbone.
Apply the normal shade to the apple of the cheek, brushing it back lightly towards the temple and blending it into the contour shade to soften the line.
Finally, apply a very light touch of color to the parts of your face where the sun naturally hits - your forehead, top of the chin and top of the nose. All together, this helps to add definition to your cheeks, and will help you appear more youthful.
6. Lipstick
As we age, our lips naturally thin. Applying dark, heavy lipsticks only accentuates this. Instead, use softer rose, peach or coral shades. Use a lipstick to apply color first, then use a matching color pencil to outline the lips.
This keeps the lipstick from spreading out into the lines around your mouth. Make sure the liner is not darker than the lipstick color. Top lips off with a sheer gloss to give them a young and healthy shine.
 Marie Sanchez