3 Types Of Teeth Whitening Solution

If you intend to   whiten your teeth there are three main  options that you can opt for. Though there are other options too, but they are beyond the reach of the general who want to whiten their teeth at an affordable price.
So, let us discuss three main teeth whitening solution that you may choose in your needs. TEETH WHITENING SOLUTION AT OFFICE –
ADVANTAGES – If you are to attend a vital milestone event in less than 15 days, the only option left for you is professional  teeth whitening .This is so because “at chamber teeth whitening” are best in removing stains from the teeth and bleach the teeth finely, lightening the shade up to 8 times. Professional whitening kits are also available for home use.
DISADVANTAGES – There are certain disadvantages that are included too. The primary one is that it involves a huge cost, and is fairly expensive. And the price is not because they are using some “GREAT” products or so. They also use peroxide solution that we use in “at-home teeth teeth whitening kits”. The price differs just because a DENTIST is serving you! But do you need to get the service from them wasting double than the normal cost? Anyway, the second problem is to fix an appointment, and getting time (that suits you too) from their busy schedule! And the final trouble, is sitting back at the chamber for around an hour doing nothing, and just  looking at the boring wall in front of you.
ADVANTAGES – If you are to attend any social event or so, and you have enough time to get the preparation, then the perfect solution for you is to choose at- home teeth whitening solution. These are best if you can spare a little more time, and don’t want a result overnight. There are various types of whitening PRODUCTS THAT CONTAIN MODERATE TO HIGH PERCENTAGE OF PEROXIDE SOLUTION, THAT VARIES FROM 10-35%. But the suggested percentage of peroxide must range within 22%. Moreover the coat is reasonable, and you can afford it very easily.
DISADVANTAGES – There are no disadvantages as such; however the only problem, you may say that these will not give you an instant effect. It will not work over dentures, and CROWNS. As you are doing this all by your own, there may be a chance that it may get into your gums, and cause unnecessary irritation and burning sensation.
ADVANTAGES – One of the most important effects of teeth bleaching strip I think is the easy to use methodology.You can use teeth bleaching strips easily, anywhere and everywhere. Moreover the bleaching comes in different percentage of peroxide solutions; you can opt for the one depending upon the intensity of the stain. However you need to remember that bleaching effect is not found if your teeth stain is grey in color. I9n such cases you need to get it clean from the dentist for the first time, then you can continue to maintain the whiteness by using any peroxide solution.
DISADVANTAGES – As it is the user who is using the solution all by his own, there is a risk involved that he may use it in a high percentage which can burn your gums. But these whitening kits can be opted as it generates good results.
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