5 Reasons to Try a New Acne Treatment

By Waveney Charles
There a number of reasons to stick with the same acne treatment for a long period of time, but if that treatment product is not working for you then that would be a good reason to change. I know we have all heard that it takes some time for treatment to work but that time usually does not exceed three months. In fact you should begin to see changes within 2 to 3 weeks of using a product. So in the event you are wondering if you should change your acne treatment product below are 5 reasons to help you decide when it is time to give up on that product you are using.
1. No changes after 3 months. Most of us want to have quick fixes and especially when it comes to acne treatment we want those embarrassing skin lesions gotten rid of as soon as possible. But most experts would tell you that it is logical to see good results after about 2 weeks to a month of using a skin product. While for some persons they see improvement in days this should not be expected. After 3 months however considerable improvement should be seen on the skin and any product that does not give good results after this time should be abandoned (unless instructed otherwise by a doctor or beauty expert).
2. Allergic reactions. If while using an acne product you develop severe breakouts or acne in other part of the face that did not have them before, this should indicate to you that it is time to stop, review and most likely use a different product. Persons may want to keep using the product with the hope that the reaction may stop after repeated use. This practice should not be done since most allergic reactions do not get better if the individual is continually exposed to the agent or agents responsible for the reaction.
3. If there is a plateau in the condition. This simple means if you have used a product for some time got results with it but for some reason there are no further improvements. The plateau effect occurs in persons who are trying to lose weight, where they lose a few pounds and are stuck at a particular weight, being unable to lose more for some reason. If this effect occurs in acne treatment then it would be a good time to change the product you are using to something else.
4. Your level of satisfaction. Level of satisfaction is important to the kind of results you will experience. Often we look past this aspect but if you are using a product and is not satisfied with the kinds of results you are receiving, after using a product for a period of time that is, then it would be reason enough to try out a new product.
5. Your budget, this is relevant since as was mentioned before it takes a little time to see results and if you are having great results with a product then you would want to stick with it. Now if you would have started a product that is expensive but realize that you cannot afford to stick with it, then switching to a new, cheaper product would be a wise decision, instead of stopping treatment altogether and waiting until you could reorder that particular product.
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