7 Tips For A Better-Looking, Longer Lasting Manicure

This article isn't a step by step guide to the perfect manicure; rather it's a list of tips that will help your manicure look better.
Not only will following these tips help your manicure look more professional, we'll tell you how to get your polish to dry faster and last longer - and improve your nail's health to boot!
1. Remove All Old Polish And Clean Nails Well
Nails and hands should be very clean and dry. Even if there is no old polish on them, it's recommended to give them a quick wipe with a cotton ball soaked in polish remover. It removes any oils from the nail, so polish will adhere better.
2. Before You Apply Polish, Push Back Your Cuticles
Use an orange stick or cuticle stick to push back your cuticles before you put on your polish. It will allow you to apply polish further down the nail bed, extending the life of your manicure.
Also, do not cut your cuticles or remove them in any other way; they function as a barrier, keeping germs out away from the growing nail base.
3. Let Your Polish Dry Completely Between Coats
I know that it can be boring to sit and wait for nail polish to dry, but it's important to a good looking manicure. Apply polish in thin layers, and give each one at least 10 minutes to dry. It takes longer but creates chip resistance, and also avoids smearing or bubbling that can happen if you try to apply polish too soon over the last coat.
4. Use Three Strokes To Polish Your Nail
When applying polish, do one stroke straight up the middle, then one stroke up each side to cover the entire nail.
5. Take Care When Applying Polish Near The Cuticles
Make sure to use thin coats of polish so that it doesn't pool around the cuticle. Otherwise you end up with a lump from polish build up around the bottom edge of your nail, and that just doesn't look nice. Take your time and get it right.
6. Help Your Polish Dry Quickly
To speed dry your polish, let cold water from the tap run over them. Or hold them in a bowl of icy water (no actual ice, or you may ding the polish). Using a blow dryer on the cool setting can speed up the process too.
7. Keep Your Manicure Looking Fresh Longer By Applying Top Coat Every Day
After you've finished applying color, make sure to give you manicure a clear topcoat to protect it and add shine. Then, every day afterwards, apply another layer of top coat to keep your manicure looking good for much longer.