Problems sleeping? try these tips

Avoid drinking drinks such as energy drinks, coffee and any others drinks that contain caffeine (read the label) drinking plenty of water throughout the day so you are not dehydrated but avoid drinking a lot of liquid towards the end of the day where possible, also avoid alcohol and eating a heavy meal late at night.
Give yourself a cut off point for example when it gets to 9pm stop doing house work, office work, homework etc. and use this time to unwind and prepare yourself for sleep in the next few hours. Pack away what you are doing and write a list if there is anything that needs finishing off the following day so that it's not on your mind. Pack your bag and make any lunch you might need to take when you leave the house the next day to save you doing it in the morning.
Run yourself a bath with lavender bubbles, light some candles and turn off the main light. Some gentle music playing quietly is very relaxing. After getting out of the bath get into your pyjamas so that you are all ready for bed.
Have a warm drink such as a hot chocolate or haulix and make sure your room is not too hot and not too cold so that you are comfortable.
Spray your pillow with lavender pillow sleep mist that you can buy to help you sleep. Make your room as dark as possible by turning off the landing light, closing the curtains and turning off all lamps and lights in your bedroom.
Set your alarm so that you don't have to worry about sleeping in and Try not to watch TV or play on electronic games or your phone in bed as you want to relax rather than your using your brain or staring at a light screen. Keep a note pad by your bed and if anything is on your mind that is stopping you from sleeping write it down and then think right I'll worry about that tomorrow now.
Take slow long deep breaths and try to relax, breathing in for 7 seconds holding for 4 seconds and breathing out for 7 seconds is a good way to put yourself into relax mode.
Before you know it you will be fast asleep.
By The Swan Hotel
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