Symptoms Of An Abdominal Pregnancy

Author: Jigi
What Is Abdominal Pregnancy
An abdominal pregnancy is one of the categories of ectopic pregnancy where an embryo gets implanted in the abdomen, and not in the uterus. An abdominal pregnancy happens in the rare case. There are no specific reasons for this kind of pregnancy however; it is seen more in those women who have crossed their maternal age and also; in those who have problematic reproductive history. In the recent survey, it has come out that the foetal death occurs in 35 to 95% of abdominal pregnancy cases.
When the ovum of the woman is fertilized outside the fallopian tube, and starts developing in that place which is known as abdominal pregnancy. There are no early or specific signs through which one can detect it as an abdominal pregnancy.
In order to recognize an abdominal pregnancy, you need to learn a bit about its symptoms:
This abdominal or tubal pregnancy is further divided into 2 categories namely primary and secondary abdominal pregnancy.
Primary & Secondary Abdominal Pregnancy: Primary abdominal pregnancy is nothing but the fertilization of an egg in one of the abdominal areas, and the secondary abdominal pregnancy refers to the term where the growth of the embryo happens in the abdomen or relevant areas. However; the majority of this type of pregnancies witness stillborn baby birth.
The cause for this type of the pregnancy is not specific, but it has been found out that this medical condition occurs mostly in the cases of the women suffering from inflammatory diseases in the pelvic cavity. With this medical condition, women experiences swelling and inflammation which cause the fertilized eggs to travel back into the bowels, stomach or in some other regions of abdomen.
Symptoms Of Abdominal Pregnancy
There are no precise signs or symptoms of an abdominal pregnancy that makes it easy to diagnose. Only a medical test can confirm that it is an abdominal pregnancy. A woman who has the condition of abdominal pregnancy might exhibit few symptoms that include:
The uterus being ill-define that usual uterine pregnancy. The baby lies in the transverse or oblique position which is quite abnormal than the normal pregnancy. The parts of the foetus is abnormally hard to feel
There is normal occurrence of periods despite of pregnancy
Continuous moving abdominal pain which is hard to localize, despite of 28 weeks pregnancy
Heavy bleeding in vagina
Lose or increased weight problem
High fever
Frequent light-headedness
With the above mentioned symptoms, it also includes diseases such as food poison, stomach virus, formation of stone in the kidney and appendix problems. In most of these cases women do not know about their pregnancy because of the fact that they are still getting their periods.
When doubted with such medical conditions, a computerized ultrasound is done in order to identify the case of an abdominal pregnancy. A laparoscopy is performed to find the precise position of the growing embryo. Surgery is the only available, and the best solution in the case of abdominal pregnancy. Here the patient's abdomen is cut open, and embryo is taken out. However; this happens only in the rare occasion where a pregnancy reaches to the full term. Otherwise in most of the cases, there are still born birth seen or natural abortions are witnessed.

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