Anti-Obesity Diet

Obesity is an excessive accumulation of fat in the body. Gradual change in weight commonly occurs as age advances particularly from 20 to 50 yrs. A few pounds are added. Obesity is condition requiring treatment when body weight is 10 percent or more than the ideal Wight. This extra addition of weight may cause other health hazards like:

a. Postural defects.

b. Arthritis and Gout.

c. Hyper tension (High blood Pressure) .

d. Heart trouble.

e. Diabetes mellitus .

f. Kidney trouble and.

g. Pain and aches in body.

It is thus essential to bring down this extra weight.

Tips on reducing:

Determine your ideal weight and follow the diet plan strictly with patience.
A gradual reduction of 2 to 3 kg in month is desirable. Don’t get disappointed if weight loss is not rapid. Be patient. A bimonthly record of weight should be maintained.
Nibbling in between meals should be avoided, drink water in plenty and in between meals, remember it adds no calories.
Remember have option to be thinner. Ever time put the wrong things in mouth; you are opting to be fat.
Divert mind from food. There are more interesting things in life.
Daily routine along with light exercise is recommended.

Foods items to be avoided

The following food items may normally be avoided. However fixed quantity can be included in your calculated diet plan.

Sweets like – Sugar, honey, jiggery, puddings, ice cream and Muraba.

Starchy Foods – Potato, sweet potato, corn flour etc.

Fats – Butter, cream, ghee, oil and all fried foods.

Dry fruits – Cashew nuts, walnuts, peanuts dates and raisins

Foods to be taken in prescribed amount

All cereals, pulses, beans, egg, poultry, milk and milk products including cheese.

Anti-Obesity Diet