Food for Fatigue

Many people use coffee or other caffeine containing foods to combat fatigue, however caffeine has some unwanted side effects. There are many alternative food and exercise strategies that can help to combat fatigue.

If you find yourself constantly tired and worn out, you may just have fatigue. There are many reasons for being tired, so just because you are tired a lot doesn’t always mean that you have fatigue. However, if it persists for more than 6 months and is accompanied by symptoms like memory loss, sore throat, headaches, or muscle pain.

Eating the right foods is especially important if you are already feeling fatigued due to the stress of a hectic lifestyle, whether it stems from physical, mental, or emotional exertion.

Food & Fruits for Fatigue

Preferred Fruits Fruits to Avoid
papaya bananas
mango raisins
plums Dates
pears Figs
Kiwi oranges
Apples grapefruit
Vegetable juices are good in fighting fatigue as they contain many nutrients that are excellent for the body. Combinations like carrot/celery/parsley are rich in color, high in vitamins, and help to stimulate the liver. It is best to avoid the ones containing sugar, corn syrup or fruit juice.

Hot cocoa and other chocolate beverages are too likely to over stimulate the adrenals with the combination of caffeine and sugar they contain. So if you are suffering from fatigue avoid them.

Oatmeal is also regarded as a super food when it comes to supporting digestive health. Eat oatmeal first thing in the morning for instant energy. Breakfast is especially important because it replenishes energy reserves and sets the tone for your day.

Avoiding large high fat meals at lunch can also reduce fatigue in the afternoon. After meals, blood is drawn away from the rest of the body to rush to the gastrointestinal system to help with distribution of nutrients during digestion of the food causing after lunch tiredness.

A handful of nuts like walnuts, almonds, raisins etc are rich in omega 3 fats. These unsaturated fats are burnt quickly releasing shots of energy. Also the natural sugar in the nuts will help you to keep going too.

Intake of iron will increase circulation, which will give a shot of oxygen to your brain and in turn energize you.
Food for Fatigue