Good Blood Circulation Tea

Good Blood Circulation Tea is a special herbal preparation designed to improve blood circulation.
Silicic acid from this tea helps improve circulation and build the immune and nervous systems. Additional benefits include nourishment for hair and nails, astringent properties for fighting infections and,relief from painful urination and inflammed prostate.
As well as facilitating blood circulation,its composition rosemary leaf is aromatic and good for the treatment of chronic eczema and other skin diseases.
Gurmar leaf (
Gymnema sylvestre ) from it is well known for it's ability to regulate blood
Good Blood Circulation Tea
pressure, purify the blood and promote circulation, It's also an excellent aid for the eyes, for hoarseness, lungs, mucous buildup, the nervous disorders and skin problems.
Other essence of this tea such as green tea and licorice root are also included for similar properties of improving blood flow and circulation and relief from health complications that may arise from insufficient circulation.

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