9 health benefits of eggs

1. Improve Concentration
- Good nutrition affects a child’s ability to learn. Research has shown that eating a balanced breakfast that include eggs can improve children:

A.Concentration level
B. Math and reading skills
C. Attendance
D. Behaviour
E. Test scores

2. Maintain Healthy Weight
- Eggs are the best source of complete protein which contain all essential amino acids for human body. They helps control the rate at which the body absorbs calories. When managing your weight, choose foods that provide the maximum amount of nutrition for the least amount of calories. Eggs are a great nutritional value for those trying to lose weight and maintain healthy weight.

3. Brain Development
- Choline, a substance found in egg yolk, stimulating brain development and function. Since it necessary for brain development, but is not produced by our bodies in sufficient amount, a continuous new supply must be provided by our diet. Two large eggs provide the adult with the recommended daily intake of choline.

4. Improve Eyesight
- Lutein and zeaxanthin are antioxidants found in egg yolk and are believed to help improve eyesight and reduce the risk of age-related macular degeneration (leading cause of blindness in people over age 65 years) as well as the risk of cataracts.

5. Prevent Blood Clots
- Eating eggs may help reduce the risk of heart attack and stroke by prevent blood clots. An important antioxidant called selenium found in eggs inhibit clot formation in a dose-dependent.

9 health benefits of eggs

6.Healthy Pregnancy
- Choline is an essential nutrient that contributes to fetal brain development and helps prevent birth defects. Two eggs provide about 250 milligrams of choline, or approximately half of the recommended daily intake for pregnant and lactating women.

7. Strengthen Bones
-Egg is an important source of vitamin D, which is important in bone strengthening and improving immunity.

8. Maintain Healthy Hair and skin
- Eggs contain protein and sulfur which together help in the promotion of healthy hair and skin.

9. Prevent Breast Cancer
- A study found that women who consumed at least 6 eggs per week have 44% less risk of developing breast cancer.