Foods to Avoid Before Sleep

Just as certain foods can help aid your quest for a good night’s rest, other types of foods can work to disrupt sleep patterns. Research has shown that individuals who often eat foods high in fat not only gain additional weight, they also have trouble maintaining a consistent sleep cycle. Burgers, brats, pizza, and other types protein-rich foods also make terrible late night snacks, as these foods are difficult for your already slowed down digestive system to process. This can lead to indigestion and heartburn, two things that will only make it more difficult to sleep. You should also consider forgoing any spicy foods late at night for this same reason.

You should also keep in mind what you eat or drink at night to ensure that it doesn’t contain anything that could keep you up. While it seems obvious that drinking a cup of coffee before bedtime could keep you awake, even moderate caffeine consumption at night can cause a disruption in your sleep. Less obvious sources of caffeine can include soft drinks, chocolate, hot coco, tea, and even decaffeinated coffee, which still contains small amount of caffeine.

Foods to Avoid Before Sleep

Some types over-the-counter and prescription drugs even contain small doses of caffeine that could contribute to loss of sleep. Pain relievers, diuretics, weight loss pills, and cold medications may contain as much if not more caffeine in them as a small cup of coffee. Make sure to examine the label or ingredient sheet of any medication prior to taking it late at night to determine if it could interfere with your sleep.

Drinking and smoking prior to bedtime can also lead to too much tossing and turning. Much like caffeine, nicotine acts like a stimulant that can keep you awake, and while alcohol may help you quickly fall asleep, you may experience less restful sleep, night sweats, and headaches depending on how much you consume.