Home & Natural remedies for Hepatitis B

Jamun (black berries) are good for Hepatitis. Eat the pulp of 10 jamuns. If possible empty stomach early morning.

Have banana with honey.

Dry ginger powder mixed in jaggery and little Indian cow clarified butter also helps.

Have buttermilk with turmeric. ½ tsp turmeric powder in 200 ml buttermilk, three times a day. Buttermilk can be used to cure liver cancer too! For proper procedure for buttermilk see:
Have 100 to 200gms of curd with 2- 4 gms of papad khar (crude sodium carbonate or benzoate) early morning. papad khar can be purchased in Indian grocery stores.

Home & Natural remedies for Hepatitis B
Rub asafoetida in water and put in eyes.
In case appetite is lost take 2 tsp ginger juice with ½ tsp trifala twice a day.
Have 5gms Papad khar mixed with sugar in lemon juice

If you can do Nasya, one of the panchkarma therapy of ayurveda, do it with decoction of soap nut powder in water. This is rather tricky procedure, not coming under home remedies, but listed here for those who know Nasya. This nasya causes dripping of the nose, and the toxic matter leaves the body in the form of liquid. a sort of liver detoxification.

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