Inflammatory Arthritis – Symptoms and Causes

What is Inflammatory Arthritis?
Inflammatory arthritis is a comprehensive name used to describe the different types of arthritis. These types include psoriatic arthritis, juvenile idiopathic arthritis and spinal arthritis. All of these come with severe pain in the joints. Inflammatory arthritis happens when our immune system attacks our joints. The joints then become inflamed and painful. Depending on the type will depend on which parts of the body are affected. Nearly any joint in the body can be affected. Most commonly though it is found in the neck, elbows knees, hands and feet. However, other joints in the body are subject to this affliction.
What causes inflammatory Arthritis?
The exact cause of inflammatory arthritis is not exactly known. It is thought that joint strain, disease or infections and even the environment may all contribute to the cause of this arthritis. Genetics are also thought to be a common cause. Other risk factors that contribute to the chances of getting this disease include excessive weight, cigarette smoking, and even blood transfusions.
What are the symptoms and complications of inflammatory arthritis?
Symptoms and complications will be different with different people. For some of us the symptoms and disease itself may be mild depending on how advanced the disease is. For others however, inflammatory arthritis may cause acute damage to various joints in the body resulting in severe pain in their joints. Symptoms can include restricted joint movement, inflexibility along with crippling and excess joint pain. Additional organs in the body can also be afflicted as well. Furthermore this condition can and does shorten the average life span by up to ten years.
What are treatment options of inflammatory arthritis?
The most common treatment is medications that are prescribed to the patient. Occasionally surgeries may be performed on some patients. Each of these however has risk factors to consider. These risks can include adverse side effects and complications along with high costs and even not working to cure some patients.
Herbal supplements also work for the arthritis sufferer to eliminate their severe pain caused by arthritis. They can also improve joint mobility, increase natural immune responses and decrease joint inflammation. When the disease is caught early, the long term positive results also increase.
If you are or even think you are suffering from any form of arthritis it is important to seek professional help. This disease can progress quite fast and can become crippling for you.
Author: Nikki Roberts
Inflammatory Arthritis – Symptoms and Causes