Prevention of Dengue

Dengue Fever is a sensitive viral disease caused by dengue viruses. Patients with dengue can pass on the virus only during mosquitoes or climate change and only even as they are still fever. Below is some Prevention for Dengue.

Water storage containers should be covered to prevent reproduction of mosquito’s.

Anti liquid spray should be implemented directly on the mosquito for successful killing.

Visit your doctor at the earliest and always appeal a blood test for better relief.

Home Prevention for Dengue:-->>>

Mosquito coil and electric mosquito mats/ liquid should be placed near all possible entrances, such as windows and doors.

Wear full sleeved clothes and long trousers whenever going outside.

Take out excess water in plant pot plates. Clean and wash the plate carefully to remove mosquito Eggs.

Mosquito bed net should be used, to prevent from Mosquito bites at the night.

General Prevention for Dengue

To prevent the disease of dengue virus, social alertness and control of mosquitoes is the primary. The atmosphere should be clean, water tanks should be covered and mosquito nets should be used in windows and doors. If there is any fever, immediately consult qualified doctors for proper tests and treatment
Prevention of Dengue