Uti in Dogs (urinary tract infection)

Author: John Thompson
UTI in dogs, can cause serious problems if it's not diagnosed and treated early. Bacteria, mainly e-coli, can travel up the urethra of the infected dog and pass into the kidneys where untold damage can be caused, sometimes resulting in death.
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Diet plays an important role in avoiding UTI in dogs. Feed him a high quality diet with plenty of raw and unprocessed food. Keep away from dried foods and anything with sugar in it. Try to make sure that your dog's diet has the correct levels of magnesium, phosphate, and aluminum, ask your vet if you're not sure.

Access to drinking water is very important, filtered or bottled if possible. So is exercise. Your dog needs to be able to relieve himself regularly and not have to cross his legs for long periods. Holding urine in the bladder for long periods can contribute to UTI in dogs.

Chemicals and toxins such as pesticides, herbicides, flea powder, flea collars and insecticides can all affect your dog's immune system making it more difficult for him to fight off infections and diseases.

If your dog has been diagnosed with UTI (urinary tract infection) by your vet, he or she will normally prescribe antibiotics, as your doctor might if you were the patient. Be diligent here though because high levels of antibiotics can aggravate the problem in your dog leading to further complications and other side effects.

In treating many human diseases and infections, people are turning more and more to natural and homeopathic remedies that treat the whole patient instead of just the symptoms and don't lead to side effects and more problems in the long run.

So it is with our pets. Many dogs are successfully treated every day with natural herbs made into potions that are specially formulated into therapeutic dosages for maximum safety and effectiveness.

Ingredients of a Typical Natural Remedy for UTI in Dogs

Arctostaphylos uva ursi is a well known urinary tonic, helping to maintain normal pH levels in the urinary tract.

Berberis vulgaris contains berberine and is well known for its restorative effect on the bladder and urinary tract. and in supporting healthy immune system functioning.

Cantharis has an ability to maintain a healthy flow of urine and soothe the bladder.

Staphysagris is also recommended for urogenital health and is also a well known tonic for prostate problems.

UtI in dogs can be prevented. For dogs already suffering from existing conditions, a combination of dietary changes and natural medicine can work wonders.

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Uti in Dogs (urinary tract infection)