Facial massage focuses on muscle properties, while facial acupressure addresses many levels, including toning muscles, energy balance and flow, specific point remedies, general wellness, skin tone and circulation. Many meridians and reflex zones run through the face so when you affect points on the face, you are affecting deeper layers o
f greater complexity.
Acupressure can be used to correct the internal imbalances that create the face’s wrinkles, sagging, discoloration, dark circles, or “bags” under the eyes.

How Does Acupressure Work?
Acupressure’s power for facial rejuvenation manifests in different ways:
* It helps the body regulate the free flow of Qi and blood to facilitate nutrient absorption.
* It encourages lymph drainage and enhances the skin’s ability to “breathe.”
* It stimulates the skin’s own ability for collagen production, softening the skin and smoothing wrinkles, and promotes normal secretion from the sweat and oil glands.
* It regulates and stimulates internal organ system function and promotes muscle contraction.
Acupressure results may take five to 10 minutes to take effect. If you end with this session it's nice to save time for some last minute energy work or quiet time before the client jumps up and gets dressed. Sometimes you can just sit a few minutes, lightly touching the client. If you begin with this session, the client will experience the benefits while receiving the rest of their massage.

Your hands will always be your most valuable tools but there are a few utensils that you can use for detailed work. If you have big hands and fingers, you may not be able to reach all the points on the face. Precision on the face is important. Muscles are small and there are crooks and crannies you need to access. If your fingers can't do it, try these. A cocktail drink mixer. These are typically plastic but glass ones can be purchased. You have a larger end that is rounded and one end that is smaller, giving you great versatility. Stones that are is smooth and small enough at one end to get into detailed areas. These can all be cleaned and reused. You could also use a chop stick. This is longer and easier for some people to handle and control. Wooden ones cannot be properly cleaned, so you'll have to discard them after use. Just be sure to have smooth ends on all tools. It's best to first practice on yourself in front of a mirror. This way you can feel and adapt the pressure for each utensil. The face can be sensitive, so if you use a utensil, be sure to practice beforehand.

Everyday Facial Acupressure Acupressure techniques vary according to your desired result. For instance, if you are attempting to get rid of a headache, you might deeply massage a point for one to two minutes. For our purposes, it is suggested that you work the point for 12 to 15 back-and-forth sweeping movements or circular combinations, which should take a few seconds. Use the specific point as your intended center of work but include the local surrounding area as well.The pressure will vary according to its location on the face, so use enough pressure to activate the point but not so much as to cause pain.
Also just tapping each point for a minute ot two works well by stimulating the facial meridians and is easy to do anywhere!