How to Remove Kidney Stones at Home

As with any medical illness, prevention is better than cure, but it is possible to learn how to remove kidney stones at home. This obviates the need for medical processes such as extracorporeal shock wave lithotripsy ESWL), Percutaneous Nephrolithotomy and Ureteroscopic stone removal. These all sound just awful, and with the use of natural remedies kidney stones are able to be eliminated at home in just a few brief hours.
In terms of the prevention of kidney stones developing, preventative methods include modifications to the diet, and ensuring that the body is properly hydrated by drinking adequate fluids, in particular water. Basically you should drink enough fluids to output 2 to 2.5 liters of water daily. Keep the diet low in sodium, nitrogen and protein and restrict foods that are rich in oxalate. These include, but are not restricted to:
* Nuts
* Soybeans
* Chocolate
* Spinach
* Rhubarb
* Cola beverages
* Large doses of Vitamin C
Effectively speaking, prevention needs to encompass some strict lifestyle changes. Foods that are high in calcium have been traditionally recommended to be cut out of the diet. Less meat poultry and fish is to be eaten and the sufferer must avoid foods that are extremely rich in Vitamin D.
In order to prevent cystine stones, a gallon of water is required to be drunk during a 24 hour period. This includes a third of it being consumed during the night. Imagine, getting up all night long to drink water and urinate?
Traditions have changed greatly over the past few years and, natural ways to remove kidney stones at home are now playing a far greater role in treatment methods. Parsley has been used to great success when learning how to remove them at home. The success of drinking water, together parsley can be traced back as far as Hippocrates. He used it to rid sufferers from both kidney and bladder stones as well as many other ailments. In fact parsley was used by him as a cure all.
Passing kidney stones at home by means of drinking water entails drinking at least 10 glasses of water a day. But it will also mean that you will require pain medication and this could last for weeks or even months. No one really wants to have to be on pain medication for months at a time, and urinating through a tea strainer. A natural way how to remove kidney stones at home is far more preferable.
These natural remedies are often recommended by doctors as they do not have the same side effects as taking strong pain killing medications for lengthy periods. There are other treatments for removal, but this include going to the hospital, and also have accompanying side effects such as bleeding and pain.
It is a very scary experience to suffer from kidney stones, it causes a great deal of stress and is extremely painful. Not only this, they are inconvenient, and a natural cure with a rapid response time is available to sufferers.
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How to Remove Kidney Stones


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