Simple Natural Steps to Remove Facial Hair

Hair Removal has been a common problem for men and women. By using different methods for hair removal from time to time it's hard to tell which will be your best choice for removing hair.
After trying so many products and researching to find a better solution to this matter I'm sure you'll give this a try. The natural way.
Before trying the methods make sure you clean your skin before any treatment taken place.
Natural way to remove your unwanted facial hair:
You will need:
Egg White
Corn flour
Procedure: Blend the egg white with sugar and corn flour. Blend it well until it becomes a sticky paste. Apply the mixture to your face. When it dries up gently slowly peel it off. Repeat this 3-4 times a week.
The results are better for those who have fine hair.
Another natural hair remover (waxing) which is the best:
You will need:
Fresh lemon juice
cloth piece
Procedure: Get a little frying pan, or even a small pot, place on cooker on simmer gas. Add two teaspoons of sugar wait for 20 seconds to get it heated up then add one - one table spoon fresh lemon juice, stir slowly with a spoon for a minute until you get a sticky liquid paste, once you have let it cool down then apply on your unwanted hair, once applied use a piece of clean cloth (cotton, polyester) and place it on the paste, once placed give it a few rubs up and down with your hand. Then pull the cloth from bottom to top fast as possible and see the surprise yourself. This is best for all types of hair. Can be used on face, body, arms and legs.
You may have tried creams, threading, electrolysis and may have left a slight mark on your skin, well throw away them methods time to try it the natural way, easy fast and effective. The No 1 secret of hair removal is by removing it by its root, by removing it by it's root it takes time to come back, once removing hair from the root again and again the hair follicle will get fed up and will never grow back guarantee!
Simple and Easy 1-2-3
1: Wash your face with water, tap dry with towel
2: Apply any of the two methods
3: Rinse off the access off your face, apply a moisturizer if needed.
 Remove Facial Hair