Why Natural Anti Aging Products Are Better Than Botox

In the natural versus chemical argument, there are strong believers on both sides. Some think that unnatural treatments such as Botox and plastic surgery are the best option for a more youthful appearance. Others argue that natural anti aging products are far better for the skin, and can have equally dramatic results if used as part of a daily skincare routine. Many people who have used a natural anti aging product over time have seen a huge reduction in fine lines and wrinkles, leading to the same effect as expensive chemical treatments offer.
Botox is a bacteria that is injected into the skin to relax the muscles. It therefore reduces things such as frown lines and laughter lines, for temporarily smoother looking skin. However, the effect is not permanent and the treatments are not cheap, so over time these payments can add up and make this an extremely expensive beauty option.
People can spend thousands of pounds on treatments over the years and if they run out of money and can no longer afford to pay for Botox, the effects disappear completely. When using natural anti aging skincare products however they deeply nourish the skin from within, providing long term benefits at a fraction of the cost.
Rather than freezing or relaxing the muscles, or pulling them tighter at some surgeries do, natural age revival products feed the skin cells and help them to regenerate and become more elastic. There is nothing unnatural about them, and no one can argue that nourishing and hydrating your skin could be a bad thing.
Natural skincare products designed as anti aging skincare will typically contain high levels of powerful antioxidants. The super antioxidant Rooibos tea for example and antioxidants Green and White tea work to fight free radicals in the environment which otherwise damage your skin day after day, at an unnoticeable rate that eventually leads to wrinkles. A natural wrinkle reducing product will also contain many highly nourishing vitamins and minerals to help your skin increase its level of collagen, which is the building block of your skin that keeps it soft, smooth and crease free.
Natural anti aging products have excellent rejuvenating properties, giving you a healthy glow for a truly youthful appearance. Not only that, they also work to combat the other signs of aging such as sagging skin, which is pulled taught without the need for needles or surgery, and age spots which are effectively lightened and reduced. Skin brightening products that contain natural fruit enzymes for example reduce uneven pigmentation for a clear and beautiful complexion.
Overall, it is clear that natural anti aging products are the way to go. Botox and chemical treatments are harsh, unnatural choices that can have unwanted side effects and, even if they work well, will leave you out of pocket. A natural anti aging product on the other hand will have the same amazing effects at a fraction of the price. When in doubt, opt for natural skincare products.
Michelle Star writes for Thea Skincare, a natural skincare brand whose range includes natural anti aging products such as creams, cleansers and serums. A natural anti aging product from Thea Skincare will be organically enriched, cruelty free, chemical free, Paraben free and PH balanced for sensitive skin.



In my opinion natural anti aging product are best for our healthy life.Because when we use Botox and chemical treatment, it will inversely affect to our health results a lot of problems.