Cancer: Causes and Remedies (Part Two)

Parasites and Cancer
Many people are familiar with the great works and writings of Hulda Clark, author of The Cure For All Cancers. Do I agree that parasites cause cancer? NO! However, parasites may be implicated and involved in cancer as parasites can greatly survive in anaerobic environments.
Like many other individuals who practice wholistic and naturopathic modalities (and with great and miraculous results), Hulda Clark was ran out of the country by the federal U.S. government medical regulatory body (criminals, terrorists, tyrants) - FDA (Food & Drug Administration). She now operates in Mexico where most of your good alternative cancer clinics are located.
The Sun and UV Rays
The false notion that God's sun in the heavens causes skin cancer is absurd. The earth and everything on it is dependent upon the sun, so how in the world can the natural sun be the cause of cancer (abnormal cell activity and growth)?
No, it is the fact that the sun penetrates the skin and boils the toxins in the blood which causes skin cancer. The sun is merely cooking the toxins underneath the skin. The sun itself is not causing cancer. This is absurd!
If the sun causes skin cancer, how come animals don't get skin cancer? This is something to think about! The only thing the sun causes is natural vitamin D production in the skin and a tanning of the skin for certain light or fair-skinned individuals. However, Rev. Phil Valentine is 100% correct when he says our sun is now a purging sun instead of a healing sun due to all the poisons now circulating in the earth's atmosphere. When you think about it, man has done a lot of damage to the very planet he lives on and that sustains him. Surely man is at a loss!
Caucasians generally suffer from skin cancer because of the lack of melanin (dark pigmentation) in their bodies. However, Caucasians still need natural sunlight. They do not need or require long durations of direct sunlight, just a few hours of sunlight, especially in the morning. The best sunlight (for all of us) to get is in the morning with the rising sun. Why do you think every news station has a weather report telling you what time the sun rise and sets? This is done for those health conscious individuals who get direct sunlight every morning (from their glasshouses).
One should not think melanin is a guaranteed protector of skin cancer because heavily melanated individuals (Africans, Black people) are also developing and dying of skin cancer just like white people, although not at the same rate. Cancer is not a race thing! It doesn't discriminate. Every human being is subject to cancer.
Diet, a poor diet, undoubtedly plays a pivotal role in cancer. The greatest so-called food-based causation of cancer is MEAT. I have been saying for years that protein malutilization is the number one dietary causative factor of cancer.
It is a medical and scientific fact that eating cooked foods raises white blood cells (leukocytes) in the body. White blood cells only increase when a so-called foreign invader or substance is in the body. These cells do not attack the so-called foreign invader or substance but actually sacrifice themselves to protect the red blood cells. Yes, white blood cells sacrifice themselves for the benefit of red blood cells.
Why does eating cooked meat raise the white blood cells count in the body? Simply because MEAT is foreign to the human body and should not be in the human body.
The more you cook the flesh (meat), the greater your chances for cancer, especially colon and rectal cancer. African-Americans have the highest incidence of colon and rectal cancer because they cook their meat more "well done" than any other group or race of people.
I used to always wonder as a teen why many white people ordered their meat cooked "rare" and almost raw at restaurants. They knew something Blacks still don't know today. Heat produces carcinogens, especially the heat from barbecuing. And nobody barbecues more than Black folks. Black people, generally, love a good barbecue. Give them some pork ribs, some music, some brew (beer) and alcohol, and a set of dominoes and it's on and poppin'! Let me stop stereotyping! Naw, I'm just having some fun being real because the above scenario is true, generally-speaking, and plus, I witnessed this firsthand from family members and friends growing up.
What the overwhelming majority of Black people (and all other people, for that matter) don't know about barbecuing and its carcinogenic effect is that when you cook slaughtered animal flesh (meat) on an open grill, the juice from the meat (which is usually beef, chicken and pork) falls on the charcoal briskets and converts into HAs (Hetero-cyclic amines) which in turn rises in the form of smoke and deposits itself in the source flesh (meat) and creates a new substance called PAH (Poly-cyclic aromatic hydrocarbon). Basically, this is cooked-originated cancer.
Meat lacks enzymes unlike fruit and vegetables, so therefore, meat inhibits the digestive process by sitting in the colon (causing constipation) and just rotting and putrefying. Nothing causes fouler flatulence (gas) and stools than meat does.
Meat sits in the colon and rectum and just rots and decay. This process causes the cells to become abnormal and the result is cancer of the colon and/or rectum.
A meat eater (disillusioned herbivore acting as a carnivore) would be very wise to periodically perform enemas and go get a series of colonics (hydrotherapy) performed to help flush the intestinal tract of decayed animal flesh (meat), mucoidal plaque, and worms and parasites.
Yes, yes, yes! Meat is a serious causative factor of cancer, especially colon and rectal cancer. You like eating: steak, pork ribs, pork chops, lamb chops, fried chicken, pastrami, hamburger, Deli slices (salami, bologna, etc.); ham, turkey, and fish? Just understand the risk involved.
Did you know that many of your commercial so-called foods contain industrial products? Supermarket cupcakes and other pastries may contain propylene glycol which is used in car antifreeze. Now what in the hell is an industrial chemical doing in so-called food? Check your ingredients, People!
And these so-called cooking oils - soybean oil, corn oil, vegetable oil, lard, cottonseed oil, palm or palm kernel oil, and canola oil, are deleterious to human health. Many so-called foods are cooked in these oils and at very high temperatures. Nothing is alive that has been cooked in oils at temperatures ranging from 400-1200 degrees. To be technical, nothing cooked at a temperature of more than 118 degrees is alive. If a thing is dead at 118 degrees, then you tell me what the thing is at 800 or 1200 degrees.
Americans are paying for all of their so-called luxury foods and habits. All the Starbucks coffee, smoking cigars and cigarettes, eating cheap fast food burgers and fries; pastries (pies, donuts, cookies and cakes); acidic beverages, especially the effervescent ones (soda pop - Coca Cola, Pepsi, Dr. Pepper, Mountain Dew, Sprite, etc.); and the new pseudo energy drinks (Red Bull, Turbo Charge, etc.); lattes and cuppacinos; quick snack/junk foods (potato chips, crackers, popcorn, etc.), etc, etc. ARE DOING AMERICANS IN!
Pulling up to Micky D's (McDonald's), Burger King (Booger King), Taco Bell (Taco Hell), H. Salt Fish & Chips (H. Salt Fish and Shit), Chick-Filet (Shit-Filet), Kentucky Fried Chicken (Kentucky Fried Shit-ken), Harold's Chicken (Harold's Shit-ken), Wendy's (Farty's), Jack-N-The Box; Krispy "Casket" Crème donuts, etc. and ordering death from their menus will eventually do you in. This stuff is not food, People! The ingredients used in these fast food products will eventually kill you. Just watch the movie "Super Size Me." The dude in this movie almost died from just eating McDonald's stuff/junk alone for one month. Now you may not eat at McDonald's everyday, but you may be supplementing McDonald's with other fast foods which ingredients are just as dangerous as McDonald's which was displayed in "Super Size Me."
The so-called foods your child(ren) is being served at the Public Fool System (Public School System) is just as insalubrious as the crap sold at fast food restaurants. These schoolhouse meals are laced with genetically engineered foods, SUGAR, and chemical additives which negatively impact learning and behavior. Watch the documentary entitled "Hidden Dangers In Kids Meals" (
The same thing applies for the foods served in American penal institutions and corrections facilities. It's all crap to keep the people deaf, dumb and blind and DEGENERATE!
There is a food conspiracy in the U.S. which helps to dumb us down, to make us frightened and fearful (just like many of these animals we are unwisely consuming), to enhance stress in our lives, to weaken and debilitate us, to make us savage more savage, violent and brutal; to make us more fleshly and lustful, and to change our demeanor and attitudes.
The lack of real foods containing life force (aura), enzymes, nutrients (minerals, so-called vitamins), chlorophyll (liquid sunlight), and fiber is causing premature death due to cellular degeneracy predicated upon oxygen and alkaline deficiency.