Eight Ways to Help You Keep Healthy Beautiful Nails

Although nails may seem to be unimportant growths in the body, these hard little things can actually determine the state of your health. Your fingernails and toenails can even reflect your personality and how much you value hygiene and cleanliness. But if you want to make your nails strong and beautiful, using strengthening products available in the market may not be the best thing to do. Below are some tips you can do to strengthen your nails and keep them healthy and beautiful.
1. Know That Water Is Bad For Your Nails
It is important for you to know that water is the number one nemesis of your nails. Thus, it would be better if you do not soak your nails in water for a long time. However, if you think that you will be doing activities that will require your nails to get soaked in water for a long time; you can wear rubber gloves or shoes to protect the nails in your hands and feet. If you cannot do that, be sure to eat healthy foods that are helpful in keeping your nails stronger.
2. Eat Well For Stronger Nails
Proteins are important in keeping your nails hard and strong. If you are vegetarian, just look for other sources of protein aside from meat and poultry. Sulfur is also helpful in keeping them beautiful and strong. Other types of food that you may want to include in your diet to boost the health of your nails are garlic, leafy greens and fruits.
3. Nails Should Not Be Used As Tools
Many think that nails are created to help people remove stickers from surfaces, get rid of stubborn grease and food particles in pots and pans, or open letters and cans. However, it is important to note that your nails are not meant to be used as tools. If you break or chip your nails, you will be more susceptible to diseases and infections, such as warts and nail fungus.
4. Keep An Emery Board At Hand At All Times
It may be a wise idea to keep an emery board available in areas where you spend a lot of time working. This way, you can easily smoothen nails when you see chips and cracks to prevent further damage. As mentioned earlier, even small breaks and cuts in your nails and skin can make you prone to several nail problems and conditions.
5. Never Bite Your Nails
Aside from being unsanitary, biting your nails is not a very good habit to keep. Will you trust a person who is chewing on his or her nails in front of you? No. Besides, nail biting can make nails ugly, uneven and too short.
6. Make Sure That Your Nails Are Short
Ideally, nails should be trimmed and cut regularly so their length is just a few centimeters longer than the base of your fingers. Keeping nails short can make it easier for you to clean and maintain them. If ever you plan to keep your nails long, make sure that you keep them clean regularly and strengthen them with oils and lotions whenever you can.
7. Always Wear Rubber Gloves
It would be a great idea to wear gloves every time you handle water, chemicals and cleaning products. The ingredients in soaps and other cleaning materials can be harmful not only to your nails, but also to your hands.
8. Medicate At First Sign Of Infection
Beautiful Nails
Once you see that your nails may be suffering from infection like nail fungus, it would be ideal to use medication immediately. Most common nail problems spread to your other nails easily if not quickly eliminated. An all-natural anti-fungal system that is helpful in fighting nail fungus is Somasin.