How To Get Rid Of A Hangover

It was a night you imbibed with your friends, happy and feeling wonderful. Now, why do you need to suffer from nausea and headache the next day? This should not be. However, your body is dehydrated due to the alcohol you take in the night before, you need to get rid of your hangover immediately.
What you usually do?
· Take another alcoholic drink in the morning. This is because you believe this to be the solution, but no, it is not. Taking another drink the morning after is a shortcut to alcoholism.
· Take an aspirin to reduce the headache. This is also not good because you subject your kidney to serious damage because alcohol and aspirin do not blend well.
· Stay in bed. This may not be good as well; it is better if you take a walk to help your system metabolize the alcohol. Exercise is actually best.
Tips to get rid of hangover
· Drink plenty of water; this will bring back your system to a hydrated state.
· Drink a cup of coffee. The caffeine in coffee will help reduce your swollen blood vessels. Inflammation of the blood vessels is the cause of hangover.
· Take a bowl of hot chicken soup. The salt and potassium in the chicken soup will help you overcome queasiness.
· You may also take fruit juice to help in metabolizing the alcohol in your blood.
· Eat crackers or muffin. If you take mild food with honey, it will be more helpful. This is because honey will help you breakdown the alcohol and speed its metabolism.
Again, I may need to emphasize here that you need to drink plenty of water. You will need to rehydrate your body and so water is your best bet.
Your hangover will be gone on or before 24 hours, if you however feel that your hangover is still there after this period, you may need to see your health professional for advice.
Finally, apples, bananas and Vitamin B-complex will help you restore the energy you lost the night you are imbibing. Taking them will help get rid of your hangover easily. Never take pain relievers; it may lead to serious health problems in the future.
Have fun but as my folks said, "having too much of anything may not be good for you", this is especially so for alcohol.