Top 10 Exercises for Losing Weight

Are you wondering which exercises are the best for losing weight? Read on to know about the top 10 exercises for losing weight right here.

Regular exercises are an integral part of a healthy life. When you want to lose weight, they become all the more handy as the extra calories get burnt effectively, the muscles get toned and they prove to be a great avenue for stress release. There are two important points to remember:
Always decide on your exercise regimen after consulting a trained fitness instructor. Every individual has a different body constitution, and exercises yield the best results when they are selected based on factors like, body build, overall health and disease status, diet and lifestyle.
Always do a warm up before beginning your exercise routine and be sure to end it with a cool down. Be gentle with your body.

10 Simple Exercises for Weight Loss
Given below are the top ten simplest exercises for losing weight: 
1.    Walking – Nothing can be more basic and effective like walking. Basically a cardio exercise, your entire exercise regimen can be based on this. Just walk out of your door with an hour at your disposal. Begin with your usual pace and rev up the speed gradually into what is known as brisk walking. This is an excellent way to exercise your entire muscle mass of your body. Depending on the individual’s weight and speed, he or she can burn up to 183 to 414 calories.
2.    Jogging – The first point to note is that jogging is not high speed walking. Jogging can be a part of interval training, where you walk and jog at intervals, or you jog and do fast-paced running. It is an effective calorie burner.
3.    Jumping Rope – Also known as the skipping rope is neglected but effective equipment for weight loss. Do not throw them away or let them gather dust. Take it out and start jumping with a clock in front of you. Start off slowly and gradually increase the speed. At first it may seem exhausting but as your body gets used to it, increase the time from say 15 minutes to 30 minutes and then 1 hour. One can burn up to 730 to 1090 calories in 1 hour of jumping.
4.    Swimming – This is a great weight loss technique where each joint of your body also gets a workout. But swimming does not mean that you can leisurely float around in the pool. In order to be effective, you must take swimming laps close to an hour. One can burn 511 to 763 calories.
5.    Strength Training – Resistance training and weight training are a part of strength training. Remember, there is nothing called spot reduction. You must be persistent and patient with your training. Strength training enhances your metabolism, burns your fat apart from effectively toning your body. All the three combine to result in weight loss.
6.    Aerobics – Choose this if you get a kick out of rhythm. Join a gym or play a DVD and start with the variety that suits you best. Remember, your fitness level must alone decide on the type of exercise. Both the low and high impact style is effective for weight loss. Aerobics is a high speed calorie burner.
7.    Plyometrics – This comprises of bounding and jumping movements that target muscle development apart from effective weight loss. This should always be done under the guidance of a trained fitness instructor, as an incorrect movement can result in injury in joint tissues.
8.    Biking – Biking can be an effective calorie burner and a high energy activity. You can convert it into a family activity and with friends for fun.
9.    Cross-Country Skiing – winter should not mean that you pile up calories along with woollens. Workout those muscle groups and set your heart racing with cross-country skiing. One hour on the trails would burn 511 to 763 calories.
10.  Team Sports – This is a great motivating weight loss technique. When you know that your team is counting on you, you will feel energised and motivated to put in that extra effort and weight loss would be an automatic follow-through. It is an excellent way to lose calories when you are prone to avoiding routine workouts.
Losing weight and maintaining the same, happens over a long period of time. Losing weight depends on factors such as age, gender and genetics. Exercises are the safest and healthiest way of losing weight. A mix variety of exercises is a better choice for weight loss. Along with the above exercises, healthy eating habits aid in quick weight loss. Do a mix of any of the above mentioned exercises regularly and see the results within 2-3 weeks, but do not overdo any of the exercises.  

Exercises for Losing Weight