Natural Remedy For Hereditary High Cholesterol

There are a number of reasons why a person with hereditary high cholesterol might be searching for a natural remedy. Examples would be, their statin medications aren't producing results, they have grown tired of the constant muscle aches and pains, or perhaps they are just finding out they have hereditary high cholesterol and are looking to avoid the prospect of a lifetime of prescription medications. Whatever the reason I am glad you are here and hopefully you will not only leave with some additional information about your condition but perhaps a new found enthusiasm about your future prospects.
Hereditary high cholesterol is know in medical terms as familial hyperlipidemia (FH), familial combined hypercholesterolemia (FCH), and familial hypertriglyceridemia (FT). These conditions are uncommon, affecting less than one half one percent of the population. Nevertheless, if you have one of these conditions your chances of having it are 100 percent, and you are probably looking for solutions. In these genetic form of high cholesterol the liver never gets the message to stop producing cholesterol, triglycerides, or lipids due to a defect in the LDL receptor. Thus a flood of blood lipids, cholesterol, or triglycerides are released into the body presenting serious risk for early heart and artery disease. Familial hypercholesterolemia has also been linked with a number of other age related diseases including macular degeneration and diabetes.
Finding a natural remedy for hereditary high cholesterol
The trick to gaining control of this condition from a natural health prospective is taking steps to encourage your body to increase the number of LDL (bad cholesterol receptors). According to the Encyclopedia of Natural Health these seven steps will help you achieve this. It also points out that results may vary depending on any number of additional factors.
* Keep animal product consumption to minimum by substituting tofu or other meat substitutes. Example vegetarian or bean hamburger patties.
* Eat more fiber rich plant food (fruits, vegetables, and grains)
* Lose weight if you are more than 15 percent over your ideal weight.
* Exercise 4 days or more a week. Inactivity for those with this condition is a very serious concern.
* If you smoke quit. Also, you should make an effort to stay away from second hand smoke.
* Keep coffee consumption to a minimum. There is some evidence that a chemical in coffee aggravates familial hypercholesterolemia.
* Eat two servings or cold water fatty fish weekly or supplement the diet with 700 milligrams of the omega 3 fatty acids DHA and EPA.
Additionally, another beneficial natural remedy for hereditary high cholesterol can be found in the form of cholesterol reduction supplements. These products can be purchased without a prescription and are a safe and effective alternative treatment worth considering.
Natural Remedy For Hereditary High Cholesterol