Discover 6 Foods Good for Skin Health

So you've got your bottle of NeriumAD and you've used it for a few days (you did get your NeriumAD, didn't you?), and now you want to know how your diet can affect your skin's health and appearance.
I'm about to show the secret to having healthy, younger looking skin, that's also amazing for your heart, brain and memory, as well as other inflammation related discomforts!
Another benefit, these foods good for skin are easy to combine into delicious recipes, and they're available at your local grocery store!
Foods Good for Skin
#1 - Water
Easily the most overlooked ingredient for excellent skin health is water. At the most basic level, your skin is an organ made up of cells. Dehydrated cells malfunction in numerous ways. In skin, this manifests itself as tight, dry, flaky skin. Dry skin is thinner, cuts easier, and is more prone to wrinkles. That said, skin is the last organ to hydrate. It is highly unlikely that you can hyper-hydrate skin by drinking water, but you most certainly can prevent dehydration
Water is also an excellent detoxifier. It helps to shuttle waste from the body. Metabolic wastes in the blood can lead to all kinds of skin irritations and rashes, primarily acne.
#2 - Salmon
In fact, salmon is one of the best natural sources of Omega 3 fatty acids, and access to wild caught salmon is available at just about every decent grocery store. Omega-3 fatty acids are powerful anti-inflammatory, which will help you with inflammatory related discomforts such as knee, elbow, and other tendonitis related pains.
In terms of skin, omega-3's reduce redness, unclog pores, and avert developing lines and wrinkles![1. Boelsma E, Hendriks HF. Roza L. Nutritional skin care: health effects of micronutrients and fatty acids. Am J Clin Nutr. 2001;73(5):853-864.]
EPA, an omega-3 fatty acid, has protective effects against the sun. It can also slows production of androgen hormones which result in oily skin!
#3 - Avocado
Avacados are a plant source of Omega-3 fats. Also, avocados have the highest natural vitamin E content of any fruit. Vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant that counteracts free radicals. This anti-oxidant effects is helpful in decelerating the signs and symptoms of aging. [2. Erratum to: Polyhydroxylated fatty alcohols derived from avocado suppress inflammatory response and provide non-sunscreen protection against UV-induced damage in skin cells]
Avocado oil is a fantastic skin barrier, and natural emollient. This means it helps your skin retain water for more soft, supple tissue. You can use Avocado oil in the morning as a fantastic natural moisturizer.
Want to supplement your NeriumAD during the day? Avocado's are high in a substance called sterolins. Sterolins help the body produce more skin collagen, and helps reduce age spots!
#4 - Whey Protein
Sorry vegetarians, but only whey protein has Lactoferrin, a potent Acne fighter. In one study, participants who consumed a quality whey protein isolate (not hydrolysate) for 12 weeks showed an average 20% improvement in acne vulgaris.
Whey protein is also alkaline. Why is this important? Science has proven that cancer can't live in an alkaline environment. Humans with cancer always have acidic blood (lower than 7 ph). Ideally, you should aim to have a ph that is slightly alkaline (7.4). Eating foods that are alkaline in PH are able to increase brain function, and increase the amount of energy taken from food. In terms of skin health, acidic blood causes significant cellular degeneration which accelerates the process of aging!
#5 - Kiwi
Kiwi is the unsung hero among fruits which are good for your skin. That is because pound for pound, kiwi has the highest Vitamin C content of just about any fruit. Vitamin C is a potent collagen stimulus in the skin, keeping the skin firm and supple.
Vitamin C is a strong antioxidant, which neutralizes free radicals and reverses DNA damage.
Vitamin C has also reduces UV-B induced sunburns.
Other foods high in vitamin c are strawberries, cherries, citrus fruits, bell peppers, brussel sprouts, kale, and broccoli.
#6 - Carrots
Carrots, and other brightly colored vegetables contain an antioxidant called beta carotene. Beta carotene is converted into Vitamin-A in the body. When combined with the phytonutrients in carrots, Vitamin-A helps repair skin tissue.
Vitamin-A also protects the skin against UV-A rays, another skin burning aspect of sun exposure. [3. Bayerl Ch. Beta-carotene in dermatology: Does it help?Acta Dermatovenerol Alp Panonica Adriat. 2008;17(4):160-2.]
Vitamin A deficiency causes premature wrinkling, acne, and dry skin, particularly on the extremities.
A Complete Recipe for Good Skin Health
Let's recap the 6 foods above, and why they represent a holistic approach to skin health:
First, we addressed hydration and fluid intake. While drinking water may not directly improve your skins health and appearance, there is no question dehydration will have profoundly negative impacts on your overall health and appearance.
Second, we talked about reducing inflammation by balancing your fatty acid profile by adding excellent sources of Omega-3 fatty acids. By ingesting plenty of healthy fats, your skin tone, and elasticity, do improve.
Third, we learned the importance getting your body out of acidosis, and into an alkaline PH. Acidosis causes more rapid cellular break down, and leaves you prone to allergens.
Fourth, we talked about the power of antioxidants to help reduce the negative effects of ultra violet radiation (sun exposure to the skin). The antioxidant Vitamin-C increases collagen produciton in the skin.
By combining these strategies with your daily use of NeriumAD, you are harnessing the most powerful arsenal against anti-aging! So order your NeriumAD now, and get to the grocery store!
Simple Recipes for Amazing Skin Health There are two issues I run into when I talk to people about eating healthy. 1 - The food doesn't taste very good. 2 - They don't have time to cook.
The answer is: juicing for skin health. Fruit and vegetable juices are fast and easy to make, and with the right recipes, taste absolutely delicious. Try out these 3 Juicing Recipes for Skin Health
They are packed with the nutrition necessary to provide you with younger, more radiant skin!
NeriumAD is an anti-aging skin product which I promote, because it absolutely will make your skin look and feel younger. when combined with proper nutrition, NeriumAD can not only remove years of aging, but also will reduce fine lines, wrinkles, and for me, it even got rid of my eczema.
Discover 6 Foods Good for Skin Health


Our skin is the one who protects us against harmful elements and exposure that's why it is important to give importance to it. One thing we must consider is to eat food which is beneficial to our skin, we should always drink plenty of water and rehydrate our selves. Eating juicy fruits is a good way also, at the same time could be our natural treatment.