Tips For Curing Your Migraines With 100% Natural Remedies

If you're like most people then you don't like taking painkillers unless you really have to. This is doubly true if you suffer from migraine headaches because the painkillers can be pretty strong. It's not just the strength of these painkillers - the other side is that some people can become addicted to them without even realizing it.
The worry about addiction and potential side-effects is making more people look at alternative treatments every day. Not too long ago people saw "alternative" remedies as a kind of hocus pocus approach to treating any kind of problem. Things have changed though and even doctors are starting to recommend and use alternative treatments with their patients (in combination with the normal treatments.
So why do people use alternative treatments? There's a few good reasons for the fact they're becoming more popular. Some people might suffer with weird side-effects to normal medication so they have no choice but to use the alternative stuff.
Of course, you might just prefer not to use prescription medication because you're worried about using medication over weeks or months might cause problems health problems for you.
The last reason many people are turning to natural migraine remedies is the cost of prescription drugs. If you don't have decent health insurance then you could wind up just not being able to afford to treat your migraine problems with conventional prescription treatments.
There are some natural and effective remedies you can try that will help prevent and ease migraine attacks:
* Lay down in a dark room - the less light the better.
* Keep it quiet. Turn off televisions, radios and other noisemakers.
* Make sure you are warm and cozy.
* Lay down and relax as much as possible.
* Don't close your eyes. Instead, cover them with a cloth, such as a scarf or a handkerchief. Closing your eyes actually uses additional muscles and can make it worse.
Keep your breathing as relaxed as possible because this can really help out. If you've had a migraine attack before you know that the pain is going to be bad. This can lead to a type of anxiety attack that can increase your heart rate. More blood pumping around your head is just going to cause more pain.
Here's a quick exercise to help you slow down your heart rate:
1. Breathe in slowly and deeply. Then exhale just as slowly.
2. Take a second slow, deep breath. Take the time to feel the air going into your lungs and filling your body. Once you've inhaled as deeply as you can without growing uncomfortable, exhale slowly. Think about the way the air feels as it leaves your body. Be sure to breath out completely before you inhale again.
3. Repeat the entire process four to five more times, focusing on staying relaxed and slow.
4. You should feel far more relaxed and your breathing should be calmer. Your heart should be beating at a normal rate. Ideally, you should be so relaxed that you feel sleepy. Don't fight the feeling. Go ahead and fall asleep.
Lavender oil is the final natural remedy for your migraines. Yes lavender oil. This essential oil has many uses but is really effective when it comes to treating migraines. What's better is that it's 100% natural and available from plenty of stores. When you feel a migraine coming on you can put a drop of lavender oil on your temples or behind your ears. If you're already in the middle of a migraine attack then put a few drops of lavender oil on your pillow and breathe in deeply as you rest - you'll be amazed at how quickly this natural treatment can work. Another nice side effect is that lavender oil can send you off into a deep sleep that allows you to heal without even trying.
There's more than one way to treat your migraine so hopefully these tips help you deal with your migraines more naturally.
Tips For Curing Your Migraines With 100% Natural Remedies