Do You Know The Symptoms Of Psoriasis?

Man, I'm so tired of reading everybody's stuff about Psoriasis, especially this topic, because obviously they never had Psoriasis. My Psoriasis began when I was 25 years old and I'm 59... and it is only as recent as two years ago that I really and seriously did something about improving it. So do you think I know something about the symptoms of psoriasis?
First, I'll tell you how it started and what I think could have triggered it based on my past research. Then, since I've had psoriasis from toe nails to scalp, I think I'm quite capable of describing the symptoms. What do you think?
Here we go. I was driving a Cutlass Supreme at the time and it was summer in Montreal. Sticking my arm out the window to wave to my wife, the chrome piece of molding along side the door panel was damaged and made a nice scratch on my left forearm. Thinking nothing of it... I went on my way. Little did I know then, that I had just been subjected to toxins, bacteria, and whatever, from that piece of molding. The beginning of mine which spread to my elbows first.
I hate it when people say that the symptoms of plaque psoriasis, as an example, is red... itchy skin...covered with silvery scales. Hello, this is not a symptom... it's a full blown psoriasis. Now do you see what I mean.
In all forms of psoriasis except maybe behind the ears, you will first experience very small or a tiny red pimple or pimples wherever it is starting. However, this pimple doesn't hurt like a regular pimple, it's itchy. It's when you go scratch at it that you'll feel relieved while at the same time removing a small piece of skin. That my friends, is a tiny silvery scale, your first symptom.
Thinking nothing of it, more of these little pimples will begin to show up, and as usual, you'll scratch and remove to relieve the itch. As new ones develop... the old ones are beginning to show sign of growing (getting bigger). Yo scratch and remove a bigger scale. Eventually, the start joining together. Those are the true symptoms of psoriasis... nothing else.
If you see your toe nails getting thicker or yellowish, this is a sign of bacteria, toxins, parasites etc., the root of psoriasis... another symptom of psoriasis. If you see your finger nails become pitted, this is another symptom of psoriasis.
If you see or feel flaking or cracking behind the ears... that's another symptom of psoriasis. Inflamed or swollen patches are also another sign.
So my advice to you is when you see any of those symptoms, don't run to your dermatologist so he can prescribe cream! Your wasting precious time. Your goal is to kill the toxins, or parasite thats giving you the psoriasis... and change your diet not to get reinfected.
Best of luck!
Do You Know The Symptoms Of Psoriasis?