5 Tips to Lower High Cholesterol Naturally

Here are my top 5 tips to lower high cholesterol naturally. If you can avoid taking cholesterol-lowering statin drugs, you will be healthier and happier. Making the following suggestions a part of your routine will help you do that.
Tip 1 - Exercise Regularly
Exercising raises good HDL cholesterol levels. HDL particles carry fats and cholesterol away from your bloodstream and back to the liver for reprocessing or disposal. Bad LDL cholesterol gets stuck in your bloodstream. The particles carry fat and cholesterol to your cells and tissues, rather than back to your liver.
HDL particles will also "pick up" LDL cholesterol when it comes across the particles in your bloodstream. So, as your HDL levels increase, your LDL levels decrease naturally.
Tip 2 - Avoid Saturated and Tran-Fats
Dietary cholesterol is less of a problem than saturated and trans-fats. Research indicates that if you severely limit your cholesterol intake, your liver will produce more of it. Your body needs cholesterol for a variety of functions. Having blood cholesterol that is too low is just as bad as having high cholesterol.
Saturated and trans-fats increase the total blood triglycerides, the total fats in your bloodstream. They also cause increased production of LDL cholesterol. Saturated fats are found in butter and other fats that are solid at room temperature. Trans-fats are found primarily in processed foods as partially hydrogenated oils.
Tip 3 - Get More Soluble Fiber in Your Diet
Soluble fiber is found in whole grains like oatmeal and in other foods. Some cholesterol is found in your digestive tract, because of the foods you eat and also because blood cholesterol is deposited in the digestive tract. The cholesterol in the digestive tract can be reabsorbed into the bloodstream instead of passing out of your body as waste.
Soluble fiber absorbs cholesterol in the digestive tract and carries it out of your body. Less cholesterol is reabsorbed and less is absorbed from the foods that you eat. So, soluble fiber lowers high cholesterol naturally.
Be very cautious about fiber supplements derived from psyllium husks. They can cause blockages. Supplements derived from kiwifruit pulp and skins are the best alternatives. They contain soluble and insoluble fibers, as well as phenolic compounds that contribute to good digestion.
Tip 4 - Take Fish Oil
Fish oil can raise HDL levels. It is a healthy source of fat. The supplement may also reduce the risk of clot formation and prevent cholesterol from sticking to the inside of the arterial walls.
Tip 5 - Take a Good Multi-Nutritional Supplement
The better multi-nutritional supplements contain ingredients that are known to lower high cholesterol naturally. Ingredients to look for include:
· Policosanol (raw sugar cane extract)
· Theaflavins (green tea extract)
· Phytosterols (from soy and other plant foods)
· Rice bran oil (oryzanol)
· Lecithin (a soy extract)
· D-limonene (citrus rind extract)
Many of these nutrients are sold as stand-alone supplements for lowering cholesterol. While any one of the ingredients may be somewhat effective, together they may work in synergy to produce results as good as those of prescription drugs.
The results are actually better, because you get lower cholesterol naturally without the side effects of prescription drugs.
5 Tips to Lower High Cholesterol Naturally


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