The Best Raw Foods For Beautiful And Healthy Skin

Do you know what the best raw foods for your skin are?
Back in high school I suffered with severe acne. It was so bad it covered my entire face, chest, back. I even had it on my arms and legs. I tried all kinds of medications for it, including accutane. Every doctor I would go to would all say the same thing you skin has nothing to do with your diet. At the time I believed them.
It was not until I discovered the truth and started studying top alternative doctors.. That I cleared up my acne for good.
Beautiful And Healthy Skin Starts In Your Gut?
You can tell a lot about how healthy someone's gut really is just by looking at their eyes and skin. Clear radiant skin and eyes is usually a sign of a clean intestine. Meaning their body is relatively free from toxins.
What causes bad skin?
Bad skin is caused by toxic build up in the colon and intestine. When your colon gets back up blemishes, acne, and dry skin is the result.
So the first thing you need to do is to minimize the amount of toxins entering your body as much as possible. The biggest toxins you must avoid are processed foods, which are loaded with all kinds of chemicals/toxins. Other forms of toxins are tap water, polluted areas, and skin creams to name a few.
Next you need to eat the best raw foods that are great for your skin:
According to discover health there are a number of raw foods for beautiful and healthy skin.
A few of the foods they suggest you eat are
1.) Raw Nuts - many nuts are loaded with vitamin E, especially almonds. This essential vitamin is responsible for fighting skin aging. Also prevents free radical damage to your skin and helps your skin hold in more moisture to prevent dryness.
2.) Red and Green Vegetable - These types of vegetables are packed full of beta-carotene which your body converts to vitamin A. This key vitamin also fights skin aging and prevents skin damage. A great food high in this essential vitamin is spinach.
3.) Raw Fruits - many fruits are loaded with vitamin C. What this vitamin does is helps collagen production. Which are proteins that form the structure of your skin. When your collagen levels are low this can cause your skin to become saggy. Vitamin C helps to tighten up your skin to prevent this.
Oranges are not the only fruit that is high in vitamin C. Here are 5 raw foods that are higher in vitamin C than oranges. They include: Papaya, strawberries, broccoli, brussel sprouts, and cantaloupe.
And here's a delicious raw smoothie with all the crucial nutrients to healthy and beautiful skin.
The Anti-Aging Raw Smoothie
•1 handful of almonds 
•1 cup of spinach (don't worry you won't taste it!) 
•1 cup of strawberries 
•1 cup of reverse osmosis or distilled water.

Blend until smooth.
Other Factors that Impact Your Skin
1.) You need to drink half your body weight in ounces per day. So if you weigh 140 pounds then you need to be consuming 70 ounces of reverse osmosis or distilled water per day. Not tap water.
2.) Optimize your gut flora with beneficial bacteria by eating fermented foods and taking a high quality probiotic.
3.) Optimize your vitamin D levels by getting 20 minutes of sunlight everyday (no burning).
There you have it the keys to more beautiful, healthy, and radiant skin.
The Best Raw Foods For Beautiful And Healthy Skin