Red Watery Eyes - 7 Effective Steps to Cure Red Watery Eyes

Red watery eyes are usually called as conjunctivitis or pink eye. Conjunctiva is a slender lucid layer with the aim to cover the visible part of eye sclera and inner part of eyelids. As soon as conjunctiva gets inflamed, its tinny blood vessels expand in this manner causing emergence of red or else pink eye.
What are the symptoms?
o Skin complaint or itchiness.
o Blurry eyesight.
o Light sensitivity.
o Yellow discharge from one or both of eyes.
o Increased tearing.
What are the causes?
o Acute bacterial conjunctivitis.
Newborn might be infected with Neisseria gonorrhoeae from infected vagina during delivery time.
o Viral conjunctivitis.
It is usually caused by Adenovirus, transmitted by fingers, medical instruments, or swimming pools. The main symptoms are itchy eyes and watery discharge.
o Allergic conjunctivitis.
The characteristic is stringy translucent discharge.
Red watery eyes treatments are so simple to do at home. Here are the 7 effective steps to cure red watery eyes:
1. Warm water compresses help pink eye. Heat up helps for expansion of blood spring and loosen debris.
2. Rinse your eyes with mixture of pint of salt in a boiled-water cooled to room temperature. Wash your eyes with this liquid 4-5 times a day.
3. Breast milk is the best home remedy for pink eye. Bear in mind to use only fresh breast milk to cure pink eye.
4. Chamomile tea bags are very useful for natural pink eyes treatment. Moist chamomile tea bag and put it over the closed eyes for 10 minutes for a faster relief.
5. Marigold is known for its antiseptic and anti-inflammatory features. Marigold compress helps much in pink eye.
6. Avoid touching your eyes since this could lead to further infections.
7. Wear dark glasses to prevent infection to other people. Also wear goggles while swimming to avoid bacteria coming to your eyes.
Red watery eyes medicines can be prescribed by any doctor. Mostly, the medicine contains chemicals which sometimes cause your body to form resistance to it. If you overuse it, the medicine will not be effective anymore when truly needed.
The best way to keep your healthy vision is actually by using effective things found in nature as home remedies. Besides, eye exercises can be one of the best solutions to be free from red watery eyes
Red Watery Eyes - 7 Effective Steps to Cure Red Watery Eyes