Natural Stress Remedies From Your Fridge - Nutrition As Stress Relief

Powerful and natural stress remedies are available to you with every meal! Let's look at the role nutrition plays in relieving stress naturally. In simple and personal terms, when I eat well, I feel healthy and less stressed. I am emotionally resilient and usually handle whatever circumstances life throws at me. When I make poor nutritional choices, however, I tend to feel tired, lethargic, irritable and unable to manage stress as effectively. There's science behind this, of course, but for me, the proof really is in the pudding! I know personally that wholesome foods support my emotional well being while sugar and processed foods do not.
If you want to know how to relieve stress, you'll find some of the best natural stress remedies in your refrigerator! Just open the door and you'll find a bonanza of stress-fighting foods. There's so much to choose from, even folks with the most discerning palates will find foods that will work for your stress relief efforts. Here are some suggestions:
Consuming protein throughout the day stabilizes blood sugar and will prevent emotional swings and fatigue. Good protein sources include: cottage cheese, turkey, nut butters, almonds, cheese, whey protein powder, hard boiled eggs.
B Vitamin Rich Foods
B vitamins are important for a healthy nervous system which in turn boosts mood and mental performance. You can get your "B's" from any of these common foods: dark leafy green vegetables, dairy (cheese and eggs), pork, beef, turkey and whole grains.
Foods with L-Tryptophan
L-Tryptophan is an amino acid which causes the body to release serotonin which, in laymen's terms, makes you feel good. This is why you feel so relaxed after eating Thanksgiving turkey dinner. Get your tryptophan fix with these foods during the rest of the year: tofu and other soy products, dairy, fish and shellfish, chicken, lamb, beef, spinach, asparagus, broccoli, beans and legumes, eggs, avocado and bananas.
Essential Fatty Acids too!
Essential Fatty Acids (EFAs) like Omega 3s are great natural stress remedies because they can alleviate and even prevent anxiety and depression. Fish oil pills are good too but you can also get EFAs from your diet. Good choices include: salmon, tuna, sardines, anchovies and walnuts.
The above is by no means an exhaustive list of foods to eat for relieving stress naturally. In short, foods that act as natural stress remedies are whole and unprocessed. So if it comes in a box and is made with ingredients you can't pronounce, it's probably not a good choice for your natural stress relief. Furthermore, junk food cravings will subside with consistent healthful eating. Your appetite will normalize and you many even lose weight over time. So never underestimate the power of natural stress remedies like food for making you feel and look better!
Natural Stress Remedies From Your Fridge - Nutrition As Stress Relief