Beauty Comes From The Inside

The Concept of beauty in Ayurveda is different from other systems of medicine. The basic foundation of beauty is laid on the principles of health in Ayurveda. Beauty is an interesting subject because each society has a different idea of what beautiful is.
In short, it is noted that in Ayurveda the secret of beauty is the retention of health.
The term good Health in Ayurveda means the equilibrium of humors or what we call "Dosha's", the tissues, the proper functioning of bio-fire (ability to transform & Metabolize), timely elimination of metabolic wastes, which determine the physical health and the happiness of the self or the person. The sense organs and mind together constitute the picture of good health.
Ayurvedic health is the combination of physical and mental health. When something affects the body, it is also affecting the mind, when something is affecting the mind, it is apparent on the body. The mind and the body are a team, they work together. It's the same thing in concepts of Ayurveda, this principle is applicable. "The face is the index of the mind." As per the quotation, "the mental health also plays an important role in the maintenance of beauty".
In beauty care, the concept of detoxifying or purifying procedures of Ayurveda ensure physical health and mental clarity. In addition to that, when the principles of yoga are added to the purifying process it will aid in attaining mental clarity and stability.
So, Ayurveda and yoga help in a united way in ensuring beauty.
External applications for beauty care are only superficial. They do not have much systemic effect. According to Ayurveda, beauty is the retention of health and health is not skin deep. The benefits of external applications or topical applications are temporary and limited.
Our skin is our largest organ, it is responsible for absorbing so much and it also takes in toxins from the environment. When we apply heavy lotions with chemical additives, that gets absorbed as well and our kidneys and liver are left with the clean up job. We suggest that nothing is put on the skin that cannot be ingested.
People are looking for more permanent results. Because of this we need to put more emphasis on staying healthy. We need to eat the correct foods, in the correct time in quantities that are proper for our individual body types.
In addition to that we need to allow our bodies to move and stretch. People need to learn to breathe more deeply and appreciate what they have. when we can find the happy place to dwell inside of us, we tend to be healthier.
We aren't only talking about the beautiful place on the inside of you, all of us need to put more importance on our environment and how pleasing, relaxing and just plain enjoyable it is.
All of this equates to good health and that equates to a more beautiful person inside and out.
Beauty Comes From The Inside