Get Rid of Bad Breath Naturally

What can be more embarrassing than seeing the person you are talking to wriggle their noses because they smell your breath? Bad breath, or medically termed as halitosis, is caused by odor-producing bacteria in a person's mouth. When people do not clean or brush their teeth properly after their meals, left over food can get stuck between their teeth. Bacteria can enter the mouth and can develop on the left over food and can even thrive between teeth. When this happens, the bacteria releases sulfur compounds and this is what causes the bread to smell bad.
There are different causes of bad breath. It may be because of some foods and drinks like orange juice, garlic, cheese, or onion. It may also be the outcome of smoking and eating tobacco. Other factors responsible for halitosis are gum diseases, tooth decay, leftover food between teeth, throat infections, worms in the intestines, or even constipation and stomach disorders like gastritis.
Luckily, there are available treatments which can cure bad breath. If one is too embarrassed to go visit the doctor or just find it too bothersome, then they should try using natural cures for bad breath. The following are good remedies that have been known to cure halitosis.
1. Mint leaves, when chewed, instantly freshens one's breath.
2. After meals, brushing can prevent the accumulation of food between teeth.
3. Drinking unsweetened tea helps in curing halitosis.
4. Baking soda, when dissolved in warm water cleans the tongue as you gargle.
5. Some people chew sunflower seeds and drink water afterwards after meals.
6. Eat yogurt for six weeks. This is proven to remove bad breath completely.
7. Another natural remedy is tea which is made from Fenugreek or methi seeds.
8. Gargling a glass of water squeezed with lemon frequently is a good remedy for halitosis.
9. Apples, when eaten daily, are believed to eliminate the bacteria which causes halitosis.
10. Pineapple juice also acts as a remedy and can instantly remove the foul odor in one's mouth.
11. Cardamom seeds are known as breath fresheners because they sweeten the breath because of its aromatic flavor.
12. Parsley can also reduce halitosis.
13. Mouthwash is a good remedy. However, avoid those with ingredients like alcohol and dyes.
14. Hydrogen peroxide can be gargled and is considered a good remedy.
15. Apple cider vinegar is also a considered to aid in a person's digestion and can be a cure for bad breath brought about by stomach problems.
16. Five grams daily of activated charcoal is effective in cleansing the intestines and stomach as it absorbs toxins.
17. Toothpastes containing the active ingredient tea tree oil are considered a powerful antiseptic.

 There are still a lot of food and natural remedies which are believed to cure bad breath. However, it is not advisable to try everything out. If possible, always heed the advice of a doctor to know which natural remedy is most reliable.
Get Rid of Bad Breath Naturally