Home Treatment For Eyebags and Dark Circles

Eyebags and dark circles can be very embarrassing to have. In some cases, your situation may partly rely on your appearance so it may be helpful to find an effective solution to get rid of it. There are quick and cheap home treatments available that will significantly lead to beautiful skin. Some of these techniques should be followed through well for maximum benefits.
The Lowdown on Stress and Exhaustion
Majority of eyebags and dark circles stem from a tired and stress body. You may notice that several hardworking individuals who do not get enough sleep at night are most prone to developing the problem. The basic approach would simply be to get more rest and sleep. Stress and mental exhaustion tends to tire the tissues, skin and muscle surrounding the eyes thereby leading to dark discolorations.
Other factors may also be the cause such as hereditary factors, age, vulnerability to environmental and external elements and unhealthy lifestyle habits that stress the skin such as smoking and excessive alcohol intake. These can be treated by controlling the predisposing factors and changing routines that make skin appear unhealthy. Hereditary susceptibility and age can be helped by taking care of one's body more through the years to prolong wellness.
Effective Home Remedies
Tired orbital areas may be relieved by cold application. Place a number of spoons in the freezer for about 30 minutes to an hour to allow it to absorb the cold. Use the backside of the spoon and place directly on the eyebags and dark circles for 2 minutes. Make use of the various angles of the spoon until the coolness is completely transferred on your face. Another alternative would be to place ice cubes in a small basin of water until the temperature drops to freezing. Take a small towel then dip and wring completely in the ice cold water before directly placing over the eyes covering the problem areas. Repeat the process one or two more times.
Basic facial washing also improves overall condition. Wash your face immediately upon waking up using mild soap and cool water. Massage and soothe eyebags and dark circles carefully then rinse thoroughly. Dab the areas dry with a clean cotton towel. Be sure not to rub on the areas to avoid stressing them. Eyebags may also develop through fluid retention so it may help to keep your head elevated during sleep and avoiding too much salt and fluids before bedtime.
Lightening Products
Vitamin E cream is usually recommended by most dermatologists since it offers a natural and non-irritating solution. Wrinkle-removing lotions and ointments are not recommended if the condition is due to normal aging. Hemorrhoid ointments are known to help tighten skin cells thereby making dark spots disappear. Quick fixes include concealers but make sure that you remove oil-based products with a cleanser or astringent to prevent irritation. Some types of oil and other ingredients may increase puffiness and swelling around the eyes so you may be better off with hypoallergenic cosmetic applications.
Herbs and Other Alternative Treatments
Some people suggest putting a sliced potato or cucumber over each eye for about 30 minutes. Chamomile, dill or rosemary compresses are effective alternative treatments as well. Ginseng and gynostemma are herbal agents known too improve skin circulation and pore condition thereby removing dark circles around the eyes. These treatments act by improving blood flow and distributing oxygen well into the tissues. Vitamin K is also considered to help eliminate puffiness and discoloration. Vitamin C, copper and zinc are useful agents since these create elastin which functions by keeping skin tight and healthy. Other useful elements include selenium and minerals like Vitamin B complex.
Healthy eating habits and a sound exercise routine will keep your skin healthy and prevent formation of eyebags. Individuals should limit exposure to UV rays and sitting in front of the television or computer for too long. Smoking should also be reduced or stopped entirely since it can cause blood vessels to constrict limiting oxygen and blood supply to tissues. Choice of food is another factor to consider since spicy foods are known to excite the nervous system. Focus more on healthy and natural food options rich in essential vitamins and minerals.
Home Treatment For Eyebags and Dark Circles