Tips To Keep Your Nails Beautiful

Nails can attract people if you keep them in shape. Girls have started growing nails in their fingers and also maintain its beauty. There are many things you should keep in mind while growing your finger nails. First you should clean your nails after taking bath. This should be done everyday because there are chances for dirt for getting staged in your nails.
o There are some easy ways to maintain your nails.
o First remove your old nail polish using a good nail polish remover.
o Avoid using some ruff surfaces to remove it; it may affect your nail layers. Use cotton balls to remove the nail polish.
o Use a file to shape your nails. The shape of the nails should not be sharp. The length of all the nails should be equal.
o Use orange wood stick to clean your nails and then soak your fingers in warm water to remove the dirt.
o Leave the cuticle intact so that it will help to prevent infection of the nail growing tissue.
o Now coat your nails with the nail polish, it is not necessary to use top coat and a base coat. You can use a single nail polish for top coat. After applying the polish dry it for some time.
o After this apply some moisturizing cream to the cuticles and hands to prevent splitting up of nails.
There are 10 tricks to keep your manicure looking great for longer
o Keeping short nails are safe then growing nails.
o Be careful with your cuticles. Apply oil to the cuticles. Use cotton to remove the nail polish. Clean the nails daily.
o To keep your nails healthy eat calcium and magnesium rich foods.
o You can also protect your nails by using artificial nails.
o Do not to remove and reapply nail polish more than once or twice a week as these causes in drying your nails.
Follow these steps to prevent biting your nails.
Biting your nails will cause you
o Split and fractured nails
o Bleeding around the nails
o Infections
o Pain
Starting eat carrots or some chocolate bars to avoid biting your nails.
o You can also put on a nail polish with a bad odor on and as it tastes bad you won't be able to bite your nails.
o As your nails/skin grows, they will look swollen and there will be an irritating sensation on the skin which is normal. This sensation will vanish away with time.
o Biting your nails will cause many damages to your health. If the dirt in the nails go into your body it will upset your digestive system, will lead to vomiting.
Tips To Keep Your Nails Beautiful